Before the flood lived giants

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There is overwhelming evidence that people lived on the earth giants. Archaeological finds from different years, found throughout the world, podtverzhadayut this fact.

Historical chronicles of the XIX century often report the findings in the different countries of skeletons of people abnormally high growth.

In 1821, in the U.S. state of Tennessee have found the ruins of an ancient stone wall, and under it two human skeletal growth 215 centimeters. In Wisconsin during the construction of granaries in 1879 were found enormous vertebrae and skull "unbelievable thickness and size," as evidenced by an article in the newspaper.


In 1883, in the state of Utah, they found several burial mounds, which are buried people very tall — 195 centimeters, at least 30 inches above the average height of aboriginal Indians. Last of the graves did not and could not convey any information about them in the V1885 Gasterville (PA) in a large burial mound was discovered stone crypt, which was 215 centimeters tall skeleton on the walls of the tomb were carved primitive images of people, animals and birds.

V1890 in Egypt, archaeologists found a stone sarcophagus inside a clay coffin, in which were two meters mummy red-haired woman and the baby. Adding features and very different from the mummy of ancient Egyptian mummies Similar men and women with red hair were found in 1912 in Lovloke (Nevada) in a cave carved into the rock. Growth mummified woman in life expectancy of two meters, and the men — about three meters.

Australian findings

In 1930, near Basarsta miners in Australia on developments jasper often found fossilized footprints of huge human foot. Rasugigantskihlyudey, remains have been found in Australia, anthropologists call megantropusami growth of these people ranged from 210 to 365 centimeters. Megantropusy similar to gigantopi-tekami, the remains of which were found in China, Based on the found fragments of jaws and


set of teeth, the growth of Chinese giant was 3 to 3.5 meters and weighs 400 kilograms near Basarsta in river sediments were stone artifacts huge weight and size — clubs, boats, chisels, knives and axes. Modern Homo sapiens is unlikely to be able to use a power tool in weight from 4 to 9 pounds.

Anthropological Expedition specifically explore the area in 1985 for the presence of the remains megantropusov, conducted excavations at a depth of three meters from the ground Australian researchers have found among other fossilized molar tooth height 67 and width 42 mm. The owner of the tooth had to have a growth of at least 7.5 meters Weight 370 pounds! Hydrocarbon analysis identified age of the finds, amounting to nine million years.

In 1971, the Queensland farmer Stephen Walker, plowing his field, came across a large section of jaw with teeth height of five centimeters. In 1979, the Megalong Valley in the Blue Mountains locals found a huge protruding above the surface of the creek rock on which I could see the imprint of a huge foot with five toes. The transverse size of the fingers was 17 centimeters. If the print is preserved completely, it would have a 60-cm length. This implies that the person has left the imprint of the six-meter increase

Near Malgoa found three large foot print 60 inches long, 17 — wide. Giant step length measured 130 centimeters. Should be stored in fossilized lava over millions of years, even before it appeared on the Australian continent Homo sapiens (assuming the correct theory of evolution). Huge tracks are also in the limestone riverbed Upper Macleay. Fingerprints of these tracks have a length of 10 feet and the width is 25 santimpetrov. Obviously, Australian Aborigines were the first inhabitants of the continent. Interestingly, in their folklore is the legend of the giant people, once lived in these territories.

Other evidence of giants

In one of the old books, entitled "The History and Antiquity", now kept in the library of the University of Oxford, is a report about the discovery of the skeleton of a giant, made in the Middle Ages in Cumberland. "Giant is buried in the ground to a depth of four yards and is in full military dress his sword and battle ax buried next to him. The length of the skeleton 4.5 yards (4 meters), and the teeth of the "great man" measured 6.5 inches (17 centimeters), "

In 1877, near the Nevada Evreki miners worked at gold panning in the deserted hilly area. One of the workers accidentally noticed something sticking out over the ledge of the cliff. People climbed the cliff and were surprised to find human bones of the foot and lower leg with the knee cap. The bone was entombed in the rock, and the miners picks released it on the breed. Assessing unusual finds, workers took her to Evreku Stone, which was walled leg rest, was a quartzite, and blackened bones themselves, which betrayed their advanced age. Leg was broken above the knee and was a knee and completely preserved bones of the leg and foot. Several doctors examined the bones and concluded that the leg belonged to a man no doubt. But the most intriguing aspect of the findings represented the shoe size — 97 inches from the knee to the foot of the owner limb in his life had growth of 3 meters 60 centimeters.


Even more puzzling was the age of quartzite, which found the fossil — 185 million years, the era of the dinosaurs. Local newspapers reported excitedly sensation. One of the museums sent investigators to the place of occurrence, hoping to find the rest of the skeleton. But, unfortunately, nothing more was found.

In 1936, the German paleontologist and anthropologist Larson Kohl found skeletons of giant people on Lake Eliza in Central Africa. 12 men were buried in a mass grave had in life increase from 350 to 375 centimeters. Curiously, their skulls were sloping chins and two rows of the upper and lower teeth.

There is evidence that during the Second World War in Poland during the burial of executed was found fossilized skull height of 55 inches, which is almost three times greater than that of the modern adult. Giant, which owned the skull had a very proportionate features and growth of at least 3.5 meters

Giant Skull

Ivan T. Sanderson, a well-known zoologist and frequent guest of the popular 60's American show, "Tonight", once shared with the audience a curious story that he had received from a certain Alan Makshira letter. The writer, in 1950, he worked on road construction bulldozer in Alaska He reported that workers discovered in one of the two huge mounds of fossilized skull, vertebrae and leg bones. Skull height reached 58 cm, width 30 cm. Ancient giants possess a double row of teeth and a flat head disproportionately Each skull on top of a neat round hole was to be noted that custom skull to deform babies to get their heads as they grow to acquire an elongated shape, there was some Indian tribes of North America. Vertebrae, as well as the skull, had a size three times larger than that of modern man. Tibial length ranged from 150 to 180 centimeters.

In South Africa, the diamond development in 1950 was discovered a fragment of a huge skull height of 45 centimeters. Higher brow were two strange bulge resembling small horns. Anthropologists, which came into the hands of a find, identified the age of the skull — about nine million years.

There is good evidence of the finds of huge skulls in Southeast Asia and the islands of Oceania.

At the beginning of XVI century, one discovery led to talk about all the French kingdom: a complete human skeleton found of gigantic stature, who lived in a very specific era. It was the king Cimbri, one of the two attackers Gaul tribes defeated by the Roman general Marius. Abika Nicolas (Nicolas Habicot) published in 1613, "a dissertation on the backbone of the giant Tevtoboha (Teutobochus), King of the Cimbri." The skeleton is in fact made a strong impression because the man belonged to rise to 25 feet. About the discovery, which was regarded as a genuine, long time just talking with the alleged skeleton "Tevtoboha" for generations occupied its rightful place in the Museum of Natural History. So still believed in the XIX century, but Cuvier, going to his study more thoroughly, found clever hoax. The famous skeleton, presented in September 1842 for consideration by the Academy of Sciences, was made up of real fossil bones, but it is not human bone: they were mastodon bones … that is a prehistoric species of giant elephant disappeared even before the mammoths. So, a clever "rukodelnik" simply figured out how to make the bones "standing" position to increase and bearing skeleton resembled human skeleton.

Usually also notices that the presence of giant monuments does not speak in favor of the actual existence of giants. Pyramids and megaliths, of course, impressive, but there is no evidence to suggest that their creators were gigantic growth. In the end, the cathedral in Strasbourg — also a huge building, but nevertheless he built a completely normal-sized people, but they possessed the perfect technique.

And yet there are intriguing archaeological discoveries. Archaeologist Burkhalter (Burkhalter) during excavations in Moravia found stone tools that are larger than three by four meters, and weight equal to three or four pounds! This, obviously, was to use a tool, not a symbolic Utensils and it is clear that having made a vow ax would prove the existence of giants no more than the discovery of a huge statue of an ancient temple. But there is evidence of much better: in Tiahuanaco found a city built based on the people, whose average height was huge — three or four meters.

Give the floor to our friend Marcel Moreau: "The world keeps in its atavistic memories of these giants of the highest intelligence, descended from the gods, giants, who directed and trained people. Mankind says about heaven, from the beginning of lost original high initiation, followed by a decline. " (From an article published in the journal N 219 «Atlantic»).

Antediluvian CITY Tiahuanaco

On the shores of Lake Titicaca, is fantastic and now stands a giant city remarkably preserved ruins Tiaguana to, quite rightly describes as "the oldest known cities of the modern world."

If now the town is at an altitude of 4000 meters, was initially built on the shore of the bay. It is impossible to avoid the question: how to understand why people, whether they are giants or not — got it into his head to build a port at an altitude of 4000 meters above sea level? In Tiahuanaco found perfectly preserved remains of a huge embankments, which could not be used for mooring ships that sail Lake Titicaca, to the same and is located on the other side of Tiahuanaco.

The great archaeologist and geologist X. S. Bellemi (N. S. Bellamy) the city was planned study. He found that in this region of the Andes, at an altitude of 4000 meters, are marine deposits, which stretch over a distance of 700 kilometers. Therefore, we must admit that during the Tertiary era Tiahuanaco huge port was located at the level of sea water. In this case it is necessary to consider only two hypotheses: either the level of the Pacific Ocean by the end of the tertiary era declined, either in the same period, the entire array of Andean rose sharply at this high altitude. In any case, what happened in Tiahuanaco terrible geological cataclysm, leaves no doubt. As for the monuments themselves, their huge size and the perfection with which they are made (stone blocks with amazing accuracy adjusted to each other, although each of them weighs many tons), one acknowledge that antediluvian builders disposal technique unknown to us: it is possible they were known to energy sources that have not reopened.

In an era in which we can re-open with the archaeological investigation, the existence of people whose gigantic growth is normal, obviously contradicts the physiological standards, relevant general equilibrium species. But why not admit that at the time leading up to what is called the Great Flood, earthly conditions governing this biological equilibrium (atmospheric pressure, the laws of gravity, and so on) were not as coecent what later became? It is here audacious explanations, such as those that are Horbigerom (Horbiger) and masterfully explains his student Denis Sora, the most fruitful.
In Tiahuanaco is a very strange building, which brings to mind another mystery: the story of the possible links in antediluvian times between the Earth and the aliens. These "Gate of the Sun" — so called mysterious monument — covered with hieroglyphics, which, when decoded, reveal a very complex calendar, which goes back not to the tertiary era, but at the time to later. In addition, this calendar does not correlate with terrestrial astronomical cycles, and to those that are characteristic of the planet Venus. Are the "Gate of the Sun" the only building of its kind, when it built in Tiahuanaco? It seems perfectly natural, however, to assume that in a fantastic city to build up in the Giants and other astronomical monuments, now extinct. Kazantsev, a Soviet scientist who attentively studied the ruins of Tiahuanaco, highly rightly observed: "Who knows? Perhaps, among the ruins there were other gates, which have not survived, but were at one time devoted to other celestial bodies. "

Secrets of Easter Island

"Fantastic Easter Island" — the so-called book, in which the researcher Francis Mazer (Francis Maziere), more than a year studying on the spot the entire island, and married to a Polynesian, talks about his phenomenal discoveries.

Easter Island is located at a distance of 3000 kilometers from the coast of Chile, and is a far cry from the other islands of Oceania. And this island is replete with enormous statues, some of them are superior high six-story house — more than 20 meters — and weigh 50 tons. Pierre Loti when he was a naval officer stopped at Easter Island. It was on his ship was brought statue — from the smallest — which is at the Museum of Man. Like any traveler, he was impressed with the mysteries, whose presence felt in this distant land. "Which of these belonged to the human race with a turned-up nose? — He asked, remembering what he had seen strange figures. — They kind of thinkers … "

The legends of Easter Island, so well studied Mazerom say about race "masters that have fallen from the sky."
Indeed, archaeologists have been unable to plausibly explain such an abundance of mysterious colossal statues on Easter Island. If (which, however, it is difficult to avoid), this island has always been isolated, exist separately from the land, for what he could not accommodate the population that exceeds 3000 souls. In addition, the giant statues that natives called "moai", never produced in the places where they are now: they somehow transported after manufacture.

"In my opinion, — says Francis Mazer, the island was inhabited by pre-Columbian peoples who came from the east. Then this small volcanic island was one of the centers of the world and perhaps even place … contact with other worlds. "

In regard to the arrival of the pre-Columbian peoples, Mazer agree with Thor Heyerdahl. But besides the obvious links with the South American continent should also remember all of the continent's problems My: is it possible to consider Easter Island as a geological remnant that survived the sinking of the legendary continent, the full story is revealed to us by James Cherchuordom?
Mazer, painstakingly gathering information on the legends of Easter Island residents passed on from generation to generation, and learned from them about the mysteries of the amazing things associated with giant statues of Easter Island, especially those that dates back to antiquity. By the way, they are the most numerous. There are, of course, a few statues, made much later, but they are a very imperfect copies of the first creation.

The indigenous people of the island have Mazeru that secrets are lost and mana anymore. "Man" — a secret magical life force, which is devoted to impossible to control when and who knew how to control it. It is obvious that the people who erected the "Moai", possessed of some secret the rest of the machines to them by a mysterious vibration energy "Mana" to construct and move the giant statue. And move them, as reported Mazeru, standing up, turning in a semicircle on their round base. Do not forget that some of the statues were transported to another place over tens of others, and in these other there was not the slightest trace. Such a move would inevitably require the application of classical processes lifting. On the other hand, strange hats, "worn" on the statue and weigh themselves more than 100 pounds, also have been raised to a great height after making statues, but that if it were used earth mounds — which, at least, should have been be hundreds of meters long, and this hypothesis is supported by some archaeologists — the island would remain traces of them, but it is not.

Rather remarkable fact that only statues made relatively recently, around the fourth century AD, the most affected by erosion, while the oldest, built back in the antediluvian times, remained intact.

Face the giant statues of Easter Island — it faces other than the physical type to any of the known human races. Therefore, we must recognize that the Polynesians, whose descendants are the modern inhabitants of the island, in the very distant past were enslaved what that mysterious civilization.

An old man of the natives discovered Francis Mazeru information that can accept the fact that traditional knowledge on the island included the introduction to the mysteries of outer space, "the first planet, which will land people will be Venus." Again we are confronted with this planet, which had a direct bearing mysterious calendar "Gate of the Sun" in Tiahuanaco. "Few stars are inhabited. Among us there are people who we can not see. "
Ancient statues of Easter Island before us cross just at the navel hands. This "inherent yogis" posture could only give them consciously. In addition, on the backs of the statues have been seen along the spine engraved crosses signs that indicate the general situation of mental health centers, which, in turn, could be opened magical insight.
Easter Island were also found wooden tablets, which were plotted the mysterious letter. But it is easy to notice the similarity of the characters from the ancient Indian writing, open during excavations in the Indus Valley: at Mohenjo Daro and Harappa. Of course, to explain it to chance, coincidence would be too easy.

"GIANT Venice" Carolines

Far from Ponape, in the Caroline Islands, there are scattered throughout numerous islands and islets impressive ruins We Tauaha (Nam Tauach). The ensemble forms a labyrinth, and the traveler immediately comes to mind is the comparison of the "giant of Venice." But here we are not talking about an ancient city built on water, all these ruins were when on land and were covered by the Pacific Ocean in a very remote epoch. Who built this wonderful ensemble? You can find only one explanation: the existence of an ancient continent My, absorbed by the Pacific Ocean. That is probably why archaeologists and specialists in Oceania so willingly are silent on these extraordinary remains. But the fact that they rarely visit, does not prevent their existence. In fact, Caroline Islands are located very far from the action in our day shipping and air routes, and to the same — an aggravating circumstance — they are at the center of an extensive strategic area, where U.S. authorities are unlikely to want to constantly see the crowds of tourists.
However, published incriminating photos that allow you to completely eliminate the hypothesis of natural geological formations.

In Abraham Merritt (Abraham Merritt) starting point of the action of his novel «The Moon pool» («Moon creek") is a labyrinth of countless channels between giant ruins in Ponape. The novel belongs to the genre of science fiction, but the description of this place is absolutely accurate. Merritt has traveled over the ocean and studied it, regardless of time, and he even broke camp at many of the flooded parts of the "Giant of Venice." No less accurate legend prevailing among indigenous Caroline Islands, suggest the existence of a secret passage, which is located on one of the small islands of the archipelago and allow to come down in a huge maze. Perhaps systematic excavations presented to us a lot of surprises!

On all islands of the Pacific Ocean and legends speak of underground caverns with secret exits, one of which — located in the ruins Panape — open access there. Under one of the Hawaiian Islands is also a huge underground temple. The legend associated with it, like the Indonesian legend that on the big island of Sumatra there is a secret path leading to a vast underground lake, the shores of which were committed frightening magic rituals. Is not there again all these legends usually are unusual, due to the subterranean mysteries of our world?


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