Beijing is going to get rid of polluting industries from 1200

Beijing is going to get rid of polluting industries from 1200 Facts

May 9, 2012 Beijing authorities have indicated their intention in 2015 to get rid of polluting industries in 1200, located in China's capital — one of the most polluted cities in the world. Such actions are a response to the negative reaction of Beijing residents residing in the thick smog that has increasingly become a cause of delayed flights and trains in both directions. But most people worry about their health, which is in danger of chemical activity and furniture factories.

According to the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Environmental Protection, industrial pollution is problem number one in the capital. While the company names were not named, also was not told whether the ones completely closed or relocated to another location.
Air quality in Beijing for many is considered extremely dangerous. But people began to express their angry protest only after the U.S. embassy started to publish their own independent research, which caused unrest among the population. Embassy provides all the information on the measurement of PM2.5 particles on Twitter. The authorities in Beijing have also decided for measurement of PM2.5 (the most hazardous air pollutants), and increased the number of bike lanes in the city.

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