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30.06.11.Na one of the mines "Belaruskali" purchase of 50% of which discusses the major shareholder of "BRIC" Suleiman Kerimov, the accident occurred. The workers stumbled upon the reservoir brine, from which now, according to unofficial information, the mine received 70 cubic meters of water per hour.

For comparison, during the flooding of the mine "BRIC" in 2006, the mine received up to 7 cubic meters of brine per hour. In "Belaruskali" assure that the situation is "normal". Analysts agree that as long as it does not look threatening, but market participants say the lack of information.

Yesterday a number of Belarusian media reported that a second mine group of "Belaruskali" there is flooding. According to them, the accident occurred on the night of 23 to 24 June. In the third horizon mine, where mining is the main, workers came across a tank of water, there was his depressurization. As reported by the Belarusian Internet publication, the water supply is still going on, an hour from the reservoir flows into the mine about 70 cubic meters of water. At the same time the representative of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Belarus Vitaly Novitsky assured "b", the process of extraction is not broken, none of the workers was injured. He explained that the agency experts inspected the mine and found that there is no threat. According to him, "" Belaruskali "to cope with abnormal situations in the home."

Sam "Belaruskali" generally denies there is a problem. "One of the mines was a selection of brine, it is not an extraordinary situation for the production", — reported by "Interfax". The mine, which was a selection of brine, in normal operation, mining continues, assured us, in place of flooding are specialists that deal with technical issues. Sources "Y" in the market indicate that the known information at this time "is difficult to determine the scale of the threat to the mine," but, according to them, the company can "not to voice the seriousness of the situation."

"Belaruskali" — the fourth world producer of potassium, develops Starobin potassium salts. Mining goes on five mines in 2012, plans to launch five. In 2010, the company produced 8.6 million tonnes of potash. Second Mining Group introduced in 1965. On January 1, 2005 recoverable potash ore is 135 million tonnes. It was assumed that in 2016 the mine, due to the depletion of reserves, will move to odnogorizontnuyu work in 2036 is expected to be a full stop.

Russian "Uralkali" because of flooding and the resulting brine sinkhole in 2006 lost one of the mines. Ten days after the entry of water into the pit of her head was 1.2 cubic meters per hour. Pumping equipment is no longer cope with it, and the mine was closed. According to experts, the peak flow was 7 cubic meters per hour. In the area of subsidence were railway and power generation facilities in Berezniki. Commission RTN then recognized that the cause of the failure was "a previously unknown geological anomaly." The second commission agency, whose creation in September 2008, initiated the Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin, who decided that the cause of the accident was a set of geological and technological factors, but the specific claims "BRIC" ever did so.

The largest shareholder of "BRIC" Suleiman Kerimov is currently in negotiations to purchase the authorities of Belarus 50% of "Belaruskali" and problems with mine may affect the value of the company (Minsk now estimates it at $ 30 billion). "Uralkali", losing mine, fell by 23%.

However, Alexei Morozov from UBS said that based on the fact that the field "Belaruskali" is located in deep water and the risk of flooding is low, since at this level in reservoirs may not be large amounts of water. According to the analyst, the situation is not critical. As an example, he cited the experience of one of the world's largest producers of Mosaic, which several years struggling with the influx of water in the mine and continues to develop. Marina Alekseyenkova from Gazprombank agrees that the situation with the arrival of the brine in the mine "unpleasant, but it affects all companies that produce potassium in the same way." The expert believes that the flooding of the mine is unlikely to have a major impact on the negotiations for the sale of shares "Belaruskali".

Olga Mordyushenko

Source: Kommersant

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