Beneath the surface of Mars, there Biosphere

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Beneath the surface of Mars, there might be a biosphere

Scientists do not stop to think about the question of how to "attach" to Mars biosphere. Quite a fresh look at the issue presented astrobiology at the Australian National University, who suggested that beneath the surface of the Red Planet may be a thick layer of the biosphere.

It is known that the probes are studying Mars, deal only with the surface layers of soil, and is a point. But experts under the leadership of Charlie Lineweaver conducted a comparative analysis of the Earth and Mars just for the two indicators — temperature and pressure.

The results were impressive: it turns out that only 1% of the total volume of the Earth can be considered suitable for life. But Mars, the figure was as much as 3%! But, as the scientists explained, these figures are quite amazing, it is certainly not about the surface of this planet, from which the water evaporates in the absence of a sufficient layer of the atmosphere.

Theoretically, the most livable "regions" of Mars was found at a depth of 30km area. It is sufficient to heat and the pressure makes possible the existence of water in liquid form.


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