Beware of poison!

Beware of poison!(On one of the chapters of the book Suvorov "Liberator")

The fact that the sovereign Rezun VB, laboring fervently in the field of anti-Russian propaganda, large master cook in the guise of historical research toxic soup of truth, half-truths and outright heresy has long been clear. This mozgokulinarnom skill he can not refuse. He intensive help, of course getting their share of greenbacks broth, some Russian venerable publishing houses such as AST, Veche, Penguin Books.

And unfortunately, in our country, a lot of people, the brains of which he very successfully poisons.

Let's try to give them the antidote, though, poisoned Rezun usually have like drug addicts do not perceive reality impartial undistorted. But the harsh experts at not once, not twice rezunovskuyu heresy exposed. Exposing the documents and the facts in hand.

In the middle of countless works of sovereign Rezun there is one entitled "The Liberator." Here in this book, more precisely, one of the heads and stop. A specific chapter on "Operation Bridge."

For those unfamiliar with this book, I purposely give this chapter a hundred percent and uncut:

From the book Suvorov
"The Liberator"

The chapter "Operation" Bridge "


— Comrades — began defense minister — in a brand new year, 1967 Russian Army to solve some very complex and demanding tasks, and their performance to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the October Socialist Revolution stateliness. The first and the more difficult is the final decision of the Middle East problems. This task completely and one hundred percent lies with the Soviet Army. Fiftieth year of the Russian country will be the last year of the existence of Israel. We are ready to fulfill this honorable puzzle, we are holding back only the presence of UN troops between Arab and Israeli forces.

After the settlement of the Middle East problems every effort will be cast for the resolution of European problems. This task is not only diplomats. Russian Army to be here and to solve many problems.

Russian Army in accordance with the decision of the Politburo "demonstrates grin." By this, we are aware of a number of activities. Carrying unusual in the history of air parade in Domodedovo. Immediately after the victory in the Middle East will be held superior fleet maneuvers in the Black Sea, the Mediterranean, the Barents, North, Norwegian and Baltic Seas. After that we will spend colossal scale exercise "Dnepr" and conclude our demonstration on November 7 at the stunning parade on Red Square. Against the background of these demonstrations and victories in the Middle East, we are under any pretext, even though demand from the Arab states to end a week or two of oil supplies to Europe and America.

I think — smiled minister — Europe after all this will be more accommodating to the signing of the documents that we offer.

— Will held a demonstration in space? — Asked the first deputy chief of the Army.

Defense Minister frowned — Unfortunately, no. During the period of voluntarism most coarse mistakes were made in this area. At the moment we have to pay for them. In the coming 10 or maybe 15 years, and we can not do anything fundamentally new in space, will be just a repetition of an old with small improvements.

— That will be taken with regard to Vietnam? — Asked the commander of the Far Eastern Military Area. — We will be able to successfully solve European problems only at the time when the Americans to their ears get bogged down in Vietnam. I do not think we should really take the time with a victory in Vietnam.

Hall came to life, showing the apparent approval.

— And finishing with general questions — continued Marshal Grechko — I would ask all of you to think about here is something. During all of our demonstrations of power, except for the number of troops and their proficiency, it would be good to show something previously unheard of stunning and classy. If any of you fellow generals who are affected by a unique idea, please contact me immediately either to the Chief of the General Staff. Please do not offer advance increment the number of tanks, guns and aircraft, there will be so many that you can not even provide for themselves — all gather there and show. It should not, of course, offer to demonstrate novelties, all you can — all show: the "BMP" and "T-64" and "MiG-23" and "MiG-25", and can be, and all of the experimental machine, and this, of course, is not safe, but you need to demonstrate. I repeat, we need a unique idea of something unusual.

All participants explained the last words of the Minister of Defence as the promise of the highest merit for an unusual idea. And so it was. Both the military idea work. Just imagine after all, not including the amount and properties?

And yet unique idea was found. It belonged to Colonel-General Ogarkov, a former officer sapper troops.

Cinders offered not only show the power of the army, and to show that all this power is firmly on the granite base is as solid logistics and military industry. Of course, he was not going to open up the entire supply system, and it was not necessary. To assure guests in their own wealth, the owner of the house is not quite sure to show all his treasures, rather show a true picture of Rembrandt.

Cinders also wanted to show only one element, but rather convincing. His plan had to be in the record time of one hour, for example, to build a railway bridge across the Dnieper and throw him on the railway trains loaded with military equipment, and a column of tanks. Such a bridge is not only symbolized the power to the rear, and clearly show Europe that no it does not rescue the Rhine.

Thought Ogarkova was greeted with rapture by the Ministry of Defence and the General Staff. It was specifically what is required. Naturally, in the Russian Army did not have such a bridge, and the time before the exercise had quite enough.

It is, but it does not bother anyone — most importantly, we want the idea was found. Colonel-General Ogarkov was endowed with absolute features, not the least, than the general designer before starting the first astronaut. Ogarkov himself not only a brilliant scholar and an experienced engineer Mostovik, he is also unbelievably demanding and strong-willed commander, which he had only to Zhukov. This, of course, easier implementation tasks. Under his management the concrete have been translated all the research institutions of engineering and railway troops, as all industrial enterprises, producing an army engineering technique. These plants have stopped all creation in anticipation of the moment when they tell you to create something unprecedented.

Meanwhile, as the designers have made the first sketches and drafts of the future of the bridge, which was to be used only once, in the railway and engineering troops began the selection of the most young, healthy and strong officers are also more educated and experienced engineers.

In addition, the contests were held in the middle of graduate students, in fact, already officers, railway and engineering schools Russian Army. Thousands of officers and cadets of the best graduates dressed in a soldier's uniform and from all over the Soviet Union gathered in Kiev.

It was formed 1
st Guards railway bridge construction division. While it was not clear what would be the bridge, the division launched an unprecedentedly languid training — how the bridge was, and all those who will collect it, should work as acrobats under the big top.

In the meantime, thought the bullet assembly of railway bridge has continued to develop and deepen. It was suggested immediately after the end of the assembly to pass through it tracklayers and several trains with rails and is as high-speed pace to lay railway line segment on the right side, and then let the trains across the bridge with the troops and military equipment.

This idea was also adopted and approved. Meanwhile, all of KB, which independently led the development of the bridge, said that even build a floating bridge carrying capacity 1,500 tons per se short term is unrealistic.

Cinders boiled. His reputation and future are at stake. He reacted swiftly and accurately. In-1's, he went to the Central Committee and headed for assurances that the designer, who still manage to do such bridge to be awarded the Lenin Prize.
In-2, he gathered all the designers to the meeting and informing them of the decision of the Central Committee, suggested that all the items again. The meeting rejected the opportunity to smuggle tracklayers and trains with the rails. It was also decided not to transfer the column of tanks at once to the railway trains. In addition, all the cars have decided to ship only blank and next to the train does not start up a column of tanks, and a column of trucks, too empty.

There was only one hitch: how to transport the locomotive, which weighs 300 tons. Of course, had the idea to lower the weight of the locomotive as it can be. Two locomotives, main and backup, urgently pererablotali. All what we can, metal parts have been changed duralumin. Were replaced by steam boilers and furnaces. Tenders locomotives were completely empty, no coal, no water, only a very malehankih barrel maximum caloric fuel, maybe aviation gasoline or kerosene.

And the time flew by as never before. The bridge has just finished at the factory. There also were sent to the factories of a large part of the officers of the 1st Guards train acquainted with his design directly in the production process.

Factories have not worked before for several months in anticipation of the project, were transferred to the military regime. 24 hours of operation 24. All workers were distraught funds and all promised, if they manage to fit, unprecedented award personally from the Minister of Defense.

First elements of the bridge were received in the meantime the division, and began training. Each week, arriving all the new elements of the bridge, and in the process of assembling each training he was getting longer and longer. Theoretical calculations demonstrated that it should stand empty train.

How it will, in practice, no one, of course, did not know. The most dangerous thing was that with a strong deflection of the bridge under the locomotive, the composition may roll into the water. The crews of locomotives and drivers of cars, undercover officers auto troops who were to go over the bridge to the right echelon began hastily to learn to use rescue equipment, which are used by tankers driving under water.

Give them a hands-on training in crossing the bridge was unreal — still lacked several parts of the bridge to connect the two banks .. On that day, when the division came to the last two pontoon, began the most massive in the history of mankind troop maneuvers, codenamed "Dnepr".

Train pontoon bridge across the Dnieper River was built in a record short period, and when on the right side were hammered last piles from the left side of the bridge went smoothly and slowly pulled the engine for a very long train composition. Go with the echelon of the bridge came a column of military vehicles.

Party and government leaders, and numerous foreign guests who witnessed the construction of a huge bridge, just waiting to see what he built for railway communication, and when the locomotive came to the bridge, on the government platform unanimously applauded.

As the steam engine further and further removed from the shore, the deflection of the bridge under them dangerously increased. From the deflection of the bridge to the two banks of the river went languid and unhurried waves reflected from the coast, and returned to the bridge smoothly uploading it from side to side. On the roof of the locomotive at one time there were three pieces of frightened drivers.

None of the foreign guests hitherto directed attention to the weird fact that the locomotive is no smoke a pipe, but the emergence of drivers on the roof was seen immediately greeted everyone and condescending grin. Then, with all the photos and movies of the famous crossing of these frightened machinists have been professionally cleaned, but at the time it was necessary to rescue authority. The most risky stunt could be reincarnated as a comedy. Steam locomotive meanwhile, slowly swaying with the engineers on the roof, went its own hard way.

— Who's there on the roof? — Through clenched teeth Marshal Grechko. Russian marshals and generals were silent. Stepped forward, Colonel-General Ogarkov and rapped loudly: — Comrade Marshal Russian Union! We fully into account the experience nedavneshney Arab-Israeli war, where aviation plays a crucial role. We have taken measures to protect the rear communications from enemy air raids. In case of war on each locomotive, we plan to have additional drivers except three men with automatic anti-aircraft rocket launchers "Strela-2". Grenade not yet entered service with the troops, but we have already started training calculations. At the moment, machinists are inside the locomotive cab, and anti-aircraft calculation above: monitors air.

Zabugornye guests were smitten with such promptness Russian General Staff and the instant reaction to all the configurations in the practice of warfare. And the minister of defense was struck ability Ogarkova so quickly is impressive, perfectly fit and lied without batting an eye.

Immediately after the exercise "Dnepr" eminent bridge was sent to the facility, bridge construction division — disbanded as unnecessary. All participants in the creation and guidance of the bridge were generously rewarded. And Colonel-General Ogarkov was entrusted to continue to manage the operations of this kind.

Thus was born the General Administration of strategic camouflage. The first chapter of this strong organization, Colonel-General Ogarkov a few months received a fourth star and became a general in the army.

GUSM subordinated themselves to the military initially, and later municipal censorship, and then a huge part of the organizations and institutions that produce the wrong information. Next GUSM tentacles stretched to all organs of the army: how do you hide from the enemy the real situation? And later, a military industry Ogarkova paw stretched. And the industry, we actually all military. Do you want to build the plant, initially establishes that you could hide from the true purpose of his adversary. That pulled the ministers to Nikolai Vasilyevich for signature. A power GUSM all grew. Is there anything in our lives that-nibudt what not to hide? Is there anything in our lives is an area in which the enemy does not have to fool? No such area. How much vodka produced many suicides in the country, how many people on the bullpen — all municipal secrets, and in every question necessary to hide, dodge, rearrange everything topsy-turvy. And Nikolai on these neuvvyazkami Chief Inspector. Another life does not give himself a sweat running. Yankees need to make a fool of strategic talks, Nikolai own first deputy sends — Colonel-General Trusova. As before signing came — he himself went to the delegation. Excellent work, fooled naive South American president. Nikolai Vasilyevich — praise and hono
r: the title of marshal and chief of the General Staff. Heather Nikolai. Go too far … if competitors do not devour.

Viktor Suvorov. Liberator. (Website / library / viktor_suvorov / viktor_suvorov — osvoboditel.htm)

Have you read? Keep a close?

Who, after reading so accusatory lines. not anger kindled heart to all those dazzler in stripes, in their zeal to kill maliciously subtle entire free world, to the general's window dressing. Well, in general to a totalitarian socialist regime.

But you in this chapter, nothing made me think? Well, at least that Rezun writes about this meeting and the next flurry of activity on the general Ogarkova because as if he was always by his side? Sit and painstakingly outlined everything said the defense minister and other generals.


Let's, revered closely.

Well forgive g.Rezunu gaffe regarding title Ogarkova. As described in the book Ogarkov time was commander of the Volga Military District with the rank of lieutenant general. The rank of Colonel General (not General of the Army), he will only receive 25 October 1967). We refer to it simply just careless creator. And this is unimportant.
Like what Ogarkov in 1968 to be appointed chief not fabulous "Head management strategic camouflage," and all but the deputy chief of the General Staff of the USSR, that even hard to call the increase in office.
Or is it to be the number one figure in Kuibyshev, or figure number three in Moscow. Well, in general, and it confirms at least some senior officer that the commander of the district is the figure is as important as the Chief of the General Staff of the, if not the minister of defense. And in some ways, and higher.

But with respect to the pontoon bridge across the Dnieper railway, which at the exercises in 1967, according to Rezun Ogarkov offered to put in an hour …

Here is where Rezun large lying.

Lying artistically inspired and very impressive. At the level of the film director Nikita Mikhalkov with his "Barber of Siberia" (though he is not trying to assign to the role of the historian, and openly states that make purely artistic works on the historical canvas).
But rezunovsky novel produces memory for those who are not familiar at all with bridges, with their construction, do not know what the carrying capacity of the bridge and the other definitions, which operates without any effort at least some engineer.

But there lies Rezun lies just barely literate. And if you write the truth, even without being a spice in bridge construction, the issue of illiteracy Pearl is simply unrealistic.

At least some bridge builder, reaching up to the words "… even floating bridge capacity 1,500 tons of …" will raise an eyebrow in surprise. Railway bridges such capacity even rigid supports do not exist in the world. And there is no need. SNIP look pretty for the construction of bridges. Having loaded the search engines Google and Rambler, I did not found such bridges carrying capacity.

If the railway structure weighs 1,500 tons, it does not mean that the bridge each own point must withstand 1,500 tons. Weight is distributed on the composition of several hundred meters. From the bridge to withstand the required load per bridge clearance and two or three adjacent support. That is, a very small proportion of the total weight of the composition. And this is from one to several platforms. For example, if the clearance is equal to the length of the two platforms, the clearance itself and two supports must withstand the weight of the 2-platforms and cargo on them. And less. Weight of other platforms will be just as well to keep the adjacent gaps and support.

Well, or even simpler explanation. Here lies on the ground chain length of 100 meters. And it weighs 1 ton. Can you lift it in any part of the site? Yes no effort! Per meter of chain accounts for only 10 pounds. And the composition of the train. He's not a rigid support a weight of 1,500 tons, and a kind of chain.
As 100 people without effort will keep on weight tysyachekilogrammovuyu hundred-meter circuit, and the bridge will keep at least some part of the masses.

You see, it's even school level physics course. To realize it, do not even need to be a bridge-builder. You just need to be a thinking person.

And where Rezun took the weight of the locomotive 300 tons? None of the Russian locomotives did not weigh more than 131 ton. Locomotive? Yes, these will be heavier. The most frequent and heavy overhead 10,184 tons. But it was not the same three tons!. Where Rezun found so languid locomotives? Steam Locomotives? But the most grievous P 38 weighed 214 tons. All other Russian locomotives haul from 100 to 180 tons.

And somehow to '67 locomotives in the country have already disappeared from the railroad. The Soviet Union in this respect (and not only in the field of missiles and ballet), advanced development and enlightened Europe. The main used locomotives and electric locomotives.
O.Izmerov in your own website writes that in 1967 92.4 per cent of all railway traffic produced diesel and electric locomotives, and the creation of more locomotives were discontinued 10 years ago. Where Rezun could find for the crossing of the bridge locomotive? Of course, in his own imagination. Or, looking at the "world's most advanced European steel road" that still ran a lot of steam locomotives.

And Rezun of course does not know that the locomotive of the pipe, most crashes do not smoke, and exhaust steam. In any case, the pair will take a much more, if the smoke. If the locomotive is pulling up, then do not spew out of the pipe beautiful snow-white pair he just can not. The smoke of the locomotive without steam pipe can go only in one case — if the machine is not working and is a locomotive or rolling to a stop.

Maybe I'm wrong and the exhaust steam from the steam engine cylinders are not thrown into the chimney, such as differently?. But even then, Wikipedia is lying. Here's what it says in the article "The unit locomotive" (

".. Cone device produces exhaust steam in the chimney, creating a draft in the furnace. In some locomotives value tapered hole device can be varied accordingly changing and cravings. Locomotives in condensing steam instead of the conical device used fan (so called" smoke exhaust ") actuated steam turbine ….. "

Well, either that's a web site under the heading "Device locomotive", which states: "In order to make the necessary thrust for rich combustion, steam, driving a car, after passing through the cylinders is also given to the chimney …", also fooling us ?

And ejection of steam from the pipe at the work engine is not depending on what is heated in the boiler water — coal, wood, peat or kerosene. A lack of water in the tender locomotive is just as absurd as the absence of kerosene in the tanks taking off the liner. There is no water, will not work and the steam engine.
Apparently our beacon of military history and art locomotives only beheld, and their design and operation mechanism does not know.

And the "Strela-2" was never considered a grenade launcher. This MANPADS (Man-Portable Air Missile System).

And why for the bridge to drive piles, and besides, on the banks if the pontoon bridge?

No guards bridge building divisions never in Russian Army was not. Even temporarily. Guards title compounds, but bude ignoramus understandable assigned exclusively during the war in 1941-45.
Well, in any army in the world for no bridges are not required so much of the personnel.

Your faithful servant in 1967, trained as a time in the Kaliningrad Hi
gher Military Engineering School (2nd year, 1st Battalion Lieutenant Colonel Kolomaksky, 2nd Company of Major Suturina, 2 platoon lieutenant Martynov). Schools in the country that military engineering was only two — in Kaliningrad and in Tyumen. Yes, but only revealed to Kamenetz-Podolsk (where in 1967 he was recruited only the first course). I solemnly assure you that none of the Kaliningrad cadet school in the exercise "Dnepr" did not take the role. Check out the whole course for other students could not pass unnoticed.

Well, in both military and engineering schools cadets graduating class, there were only 240 and 300 in Kaliningrad in Tyumen. On a good battalion will not be typed. Train school? Well, it is a school in Leningrad. One thing. Where Rezun able to score a few thousand students graduate engineering schools and train?

Well, all this can be attributed to my petty fault-finding and the quest to catch Rezun incorrect. Although … one small heresy, the other … That's a big built. Malignant.

But that's relative to the pontoon bridge train Rezun lying shamelessly and obscene way, excelling in "truthfulness" of the Baron Munchausen.

So had there been described Rezun story or not? Judge for yourself.

Below I give a short description of the floating railway bridge, which in 1967 took part in the exercises "Dnepr". He and no other.


Pontoon Park PPP (Aka NZHM-56) started to be developed in 1946 (and not in 1967, as the Rezun) in Nizhny Novgorod in the shipyard's designers: AA Dryakhlov, NA Kudryavtseva, MP Laptev, VI Sheludyakov, GD Korchyn, EM Durasova, IA Dychko, GF Piskunov, LM Naydenov, GP Kuzin, M. Dolgov, ZA Smirnov, LA Petrova, EL Shevchenko, P. Andrianov.

Beware of poison!

Managing the project chief designer of the plant, MN Burdastov, lead designer of the project, MI Shchukin.

In the development of the park PPP took an active role military engineers VI Asev, BC Osipov, AV Karpov and IV Borisov.

The park was designed for the equipment of bridge and ferry standard (60 tons) and large (200 tons) carrying capacity through wide water barriers. He provided all the military equipment crossing and railway freight.

By his own decision fundamentally Park PPP was no different from all previously existing floating bridge and was designed as a bridge to separate floating supports (pontoons) with enhanced contours in the fore and aft ends.

Beware of poison!

Floating support is a shestisektsionnye collapsible pontoons, each of which consisted of the bow, 4 middle and aft sections. The aft section of the engine was placed ZIL-120SR (75 hp) with a respective box.
When assembling the sections are connected among themselves bystrosoediyaemymi couplings. The compound feed with the middle section was performed hinge, allowing to maintain the continued deepening of the propeller.

The pontoons are connected between the superstructure in the form of farms, collected from separate sections with quick-butt devices.
Above the farms stowed and secured Flooring panels or a rail structure.

The real part of the park was transported to the ZIL-157 (later ZIL-131) equipped with special platforms, which are installed on chassis was carried out in parts of the pontoon by the troops.

Beware of poison!

The set includes: nasal, middle and stern sections of the pontoons, sections of farms, cross beams, flooring boards and rail beams. All this is transported by pontoon, span, assembly, gates, ferry and railway cars. The kit also included high-speed boat, tug boat, motor, auto cranes, the accessories and spare parts.

To build the floating bridge of the full set of required payment pontooneers park — about 700 people.

From the creator. 700 people, it's almost a battalion, but with the driver's composition, providing different divisions (remrota, a company of real security razvedvodolazny platoon headquarters, etc.) is the regiment. Pontoon bridge regiment. But the division is not the same as lying Rezun. The division is 12 — 16 thousand people.

Park PPP transported overland by specially equipped vehicles ZIS-151 (later ZIL-157) unloaded from the car and was going to pontoon and drivers at ferries and pontoon bridges (including the train) with a mechanical hoist cars, railway systems of ropes and roller conveyors.

Tests were carried out of the park in the first half of the 50s on the Oka River near g.Murom.

For the most distrustful list the patent numbers, which was protected park PPP:

1. № 143/6986/8735 — "Pontoon Park PPP", the creators: MI Shchukin, MN Burdastov, EY Slonim, BS Levitin, BC Osipov, VI Asev, SA Ilyasevich, AL Pakhomov, VI Sheludyakov, VI Kharitonov;
2. Number 151/7990 — "Self-propelled pontoons Park PPP beznabornoy corrugated structure", the creators: MI Shchukin, AG Shishkov;
3. № 152/8643 — "Remote-rotor object 140" creators: MI Shchukin, MN Burdastov;
4. № 147/8642 — "Anchoring and mooring device object bow section 140", the creator of MI Shchukin;
5. Number 149/7941 — "Adapting to winch vehicles to ensure the independence of the ropes", the creator of MI Shchukin;
6. № 36/8641 — "Installing the propeller nozzle ring", the creator of MI Shchukin.

From the creator. Do not know if Rezun so brilliant at the technical level, which can be constructed from scratch a completely new tank or a pontoon park for a week, but generally pontoon bridges constructed a couple of years. The famous park PMP began designing in 1947, and in the army, they began to arrive only in 1962. Park faculty in 1946 and was fielded in 1957.

So, 10 years later, by 1967 he was already far not new, and the General Staff, this bridge is well known. As can be seen, which is described in the book sensational offer Ogarkova less than fantasy Rezun.

By the way, even before the war the Red Army was on the railway bridge of boats SP-19, which in 1946 considered obsolete and was given the task to develop a new standard.

How much was in the Russian Army regiments PPS I do not know. Reliably know about the shelves in g.Reni on the Danube and in the reddish small river on the outskirts of the city of Khabarovsk on the Amur. In the latter regiment I was able to visit several times. Beheld the work of the park during a training exercise on the Zeya River near White Station Middle in August 1973. It is true there are no build bridges and provide evako and Rescue Service with its own ferries.

And as a result of tactical and technical characteristics of the park PPPs.

1. Load capacity of floating bridges — 50 tons or 200 tons.
2.Dlina bridge of a complete set of park
— 50-ton 790 meters,
— 200-ton 465 meters,
3. From the park you can collect sets of ferries:
60-ton — 16 ferries
200-ton — 6 ferries.
4. Roadway width of the bridge — 6 meters.
5. While the bridge pickup:
for tracked and wheeled vehicles — 4.5 -5 hours.
for railway trains — 7-7.5 hour.
6. Max
imum permissible flow rate of 3 m / s.
7.Naibolshaya wave height of 1.5 meters.
8.Kolichestvo vehicles for the transport of the park (ZIS-151) — 480

PS Naturally, with the appearance of the park PMP PPP glow faded. By the way, he also had the designation NZHM-56. And with the passage of time have been developed railway pontoon bridges on the basis of the park PMP. One of the latest LVM-VT.

PPS And here is what I found on the website

Fokin wrote: Floating bridge FOR WARSAW Contract

If you look closely at the map of Poland, in the area of large junction Demblin, located at the intersection of lines of Warsaw, Lublin, Radom and Bows, there are two bridges over the River Vistula and Wieprz. Bridges, especially over the Vistula, were at the time of the Warsaw Contract big strategic assets and business with the West did not always been warm.

To duplicate bridge and frisky recovery messages in the event of its destruction was built fascinating object near the town of Pulawy placed between Demblin and Lublin. On a topographic map of the area is clearly seen that the strip-Bows Radom Demblin between stations and train departs Penki line in a south-easterly direction and opposite Puławy turns to the Vistula, resting against her. On the reverse side of the river and the last line is connected to the line from Warsaw to Lublin in Pulawy.

Imposed the idea that once there was a bridge. But the bridge … was not! The bands were summed up on both sides of the Vistula, and went down to the shore. And across the Vistula, if necessary tide began pontoon bridge, pontoons were in the vicinity of a particular river. According to the latest least once during the exercise, such bridge had been imposed, and on it was part of a laden gondolas. Specifically, on the banks of the river were two pillars that were used to secure the bridge. (Oh, so you need to build pontoon bridges, Mr. Suvorov! See pages 32-34. — Ed.) The times have changed, there is no contract Warsaw, Poland — NATO pontoon bridge was taken away, and the approaches to the Vistula remained, though partly disassembled.

D. Fokin (Moscow)


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