Boriska — a man from Mars




On Earth, children are born with unusual abilities. Why is that?

I first heard about an unusual boy named Boriska stories of the expedition in the anomalous zone in the north of the Volgograd region, known in this country as "Medveditskaya ridge."

— Imagine, when everyone was sitting around the campfire at night, a kind of lad, about seven years old, suddenly and loudly demanded for silence: he will talk about the inhabitants of Mars and about their missions to Earth — shared his impressions of the witnesses. — Well, some people still continued to talk about her in a low voice, and then the boy strictly demanded full attention, otherwise "no story will not." And strangers talk died down. And with good reason: a chubby boy with tremendous eyes in the summer t-shirt and his cap with dashing visor, nor in the least embarrassed by adults, led to the incredible story. About the Martian civilization, about megalithic cities and Martian space ships, about flights to other planets and the Earth's country Lemuria, life of which he knew firsthand: he once flew to Mars on a huge continent in the ocean and had friends here …

Twigs crackling campfire, night darkness thickened sitting around, and boundless starry sky above them were silent, as if some filed his great secret. One and a half hours passed an amazing story. One of the listeners guessed — ran for a voice recorder, and now somewhere in Moscow there is a complete record of the story. However, if it appears in print — God knows not all have the journalistic skills …

Many were impressed by two things then. First, the unusual knowledge that does not seem to have to have a seven year old child: not everyone is our professor could clearly tell the stories about the legendary Lemuria and Lemurians. In the school, and college textbooks you will not find mention of them. Science does not prove the existence of other civilizations. And, secondly, it Boriska … She was not at the level of first-graders: it was attended by such terminology such details and facts from Mars and the Earth's past, only that all marveled. Very competent, folded it, and only heightened emotionality issued in her child.

— Why Boriska so talkative? — Suggested the man. — Apparently, it provoked this situation in the expedition camp. It brought together passionate people, open mind, seeking to unravel the many mysteries of the Earth and the cosmos, and Boris, having heard the day talking, threw in his "speech" that long unclaimed stored in its memory.

— Maybe he fantasized? Seen enough movies about all the "Star Wars" and went to write? ..

— Oh, no … This is not the fantasies smell, — said my companion, — here, rather, the memory of the past, the memory of his previous incarnations. Such details can imagine, they need to know …

The words of the memory of past incarnations have all decided, I realized that it is necessary to meet Boriska. Now, after meeting with him and his parents, I'm trying to sort through the information obtained in order to understand the mystery of the birth of the young creature.

Curiously, he was born in the Volga, in the regional hospital, although metrics in the "place of birth" means Zhirnovsk Volgograd region — at his residence. Date of Birth — 11 January 1996 — maybe it says something astrologers.

His parents — nice and friendly people. Hope mom Boris, dermatologist in an urban clinic, graduated from Volgograd medical institute not so long ago, in 1991. Father, Yuri, a retired officer, at the time he graduated from Kamyshinskoe Higher Military School, now works as a foreman at a construction site. They themselves would be happy to have someone to help them in solving the phenomenon of their son, and yet curiously eyeing his miracle.

— When Boriska was born, I noticed that in the 15 days he already had a head — says Hope. — The first word "baba" he said at 4 months and since then, it can be said to speak. His first proposal it made in 7 months, it had the words "I want to stud": I saw a nail in the wall, although the children begin to talk in sentences until much later. The most notable — his intellectual ability was well ahead of the physical.

— And what is it manifested?

— When Boris was a year old, I began to give him the letters of the Nikitin system, and, as one and a half years, he had already read large newspaper print. Easily and quickly knew the color with various shades. In two years, began painting in 2.5 years — paints. Could draw with shades.

Boris was led into the garden after two years. Educators in one voice say that he has the capacity for language, unusual brain development. The unique assimilation of new, rich memory … However, parents have noticed that the completion of knowledge at her son is not only a perception of, but, it seems, and through other channels: it reads the information from somewhere else!

— No it is not taught — says Nadia — but he somehow familiar and easy to sit in a pose "lotus", and here it just listen! These "pearls" gave out such details about Mars, about planetary systems and other civilizations, we have an eye on the forehead … Well, from wee all know that? .. Space, space themes in his stories — a constant theme about two years.

Then Boriska told that he used to live on Mars, the planet is habitable, but has experienced the biggest disaster in its history, has lost the atmosphere, and now its few residents live in underground cities. At the time, he often flew to Earth in commercial and research purposes. It looks like he ran the spacecraft. It was during the Lemurian civilization, and he had a Lemurian friend, who was killed before his eyes …

— There was a catastrophe on Earth, exploding mountains, vast continent collapsed and went under the water, and suddenly a huge rock fell on the building where my friend … — Boriska said. — I do not have time to save him. And now on Earth, we have to meet …

Picture of the death of Lemuria Boriska sees, as if it happened the day before, and survives the death of an earthling, if he himself is to blame for it.

One day he saw a book that brought my mother: "From whom we come from?" Ernst Muldasheva. You had to see his excitement came a boy. He looked at drawings of Lemurians, photos of Tibet pagodas and two hours of non-stop talking about the Lemurian race, and the highest level of its development …

— But Lemuria killed at least eight thousand years ago … — I said gently — and Lemurians were growing under nine meters … Do you all remember that?

— Yes, I remember, — said Boris, and it is reasonable to add: — because I did not tell nobody …

Another time, it took a lot to remember, when I saw the illustration in the second book of E. Muldasheva, "In Search of the Gods." About the tomb, about the pyramid. Said he was not under the pyramid of Cheops be found knowledge, and under the other. But it has not yet been found. "Life will change when they open the Sphinx", — he said and added that the Sphinx is opened somewhere behind the ear, but he could not remember where. Enthuses, when the inspiration comes, about the Mayan civilization, considering that very few people know about this amazing nation.

But the most startling: Boriska believes that now is the time in the world when the special children are born, because the transformation of the world is coming, and will require new knowledge, a different mentality of earthlings.

— How do you know about gifted children, and why is this happening? — I asked at our meeting. — Do you know what they are called children of the "Indigo"?

— I know that they are born, but in our city is not met. Well, maybe Julia Petrova — she believes me, then something feels. Others just laugh when I tell. On Earth, there will be something to happen, two catastrophes, therefore these children are born. They need to help people. Will the change of poles. In 2009 will be the first major catastrophe with one big continent, and in 2013 — is another, more powerful.

— You're not afraid of this, because may be interrupted and your life?

— No, I'm afraid, we live forever. The catastrophe was on Mars, where I used to live. There are people just like us, but there was a nuclear war and everything burned. Some people have survived, there were houses, new weapons. There's also been a change of continents. Although he was a small continent. Martians breathe mostly carbon dioxide. If they came to our planet, there will always be standing in the chimney.

— And you, if you are from Mars, it is easier to breathe our air or is there a need for carbon?
— Once you get into this earthly body, and breathe this air. But we hate Earth's air, because of your air is aging. There, on Mars, mostly young people, 30-35 years, old does not happen. Each year, those children with Mars on Earth will be born more. In our city there will be no less than twenty.

— Boris, why do our space station killed during the approach to Mars?

— With Mars sending signals and try to knock down the station. At these stations, harmful radiation.

I was amazed nachet harmful radiation "Phobos". It's that way! Back in 1988, a resident of the Volga Lushnichenko Yuri, a man with psychic inclinations, tried to enter the USSR Glavkosmos to warn Soviet leaders about the inevitable death of the first Soviet space station "Phobos-1" and "Phobos-2". And it is because of the alien planet radiation and radioactivity PSUs. His warnings are not heeded. Not consider it necessary to delve so far, although it is necessary for the success, according Lushnichenko only change tactics entering the field of Mars.

— And do you know about the multidimensionality? You know, that should not fly in straight trajectories, and penetrating multi-dimensional space? — I'm quite interested in this carefully utter terms of orthodox science.

Boriska immediately perked up and began to rapidly explain something about the device UFOs: "Just took off, as we have on Earth!" And then takes the chalk and blackboard paints something saucer. "There are six layers — he gets excited. — 25 per cent of the outer layer is made of durable material, 30 percent — a second layer, it is as tires, a third layer — 30% — back metal layer is 4% of the magnetic properties of … — immediately writes the numbers on the blackboard chalk. — If the power the energy of the magnetic layer, the machine can fly all over the universe … "

We adults look at each other. In third grade, learning interest?

No, of course, prior to such a school is not there yet, but it turns out the school-then Boriska great complexity. It immediately after the interview was in second grade, but … then tried to get rid of. And who, say, like, if the kid is suddenly interrupted by the teacher: "Marvanna you say is wrong! You did not teach! "And so many times to the day … Now with Boriska engaged teacher, who taught at the school of Academician Shchetinina, and the boy will take the items externally. The teacher believes that Boris must learn to schetininskoy school for gifted children. He will, and already have problems communicating with ordinary children.

— What is Boriska mission on Earth? Does he know that? — And I ask him, and my mother.

— He said the suspects — says Hope. — About the future of the Earth knows something. For example, knowledge that will be distributed to the quality and level of consciousness. New knowledge will never fall to evil people with low-lying manners — thieves, bandits, alcoholics, and to those who do not want to change myself for the better. They will leave the planet. Believes that will be critical information. On Earth, will begin the process of unity and cooperation.

— Boris, how do you know all this?

— Inside myself.

… One day in five years, he struck the parents that began talking about Proserpine, the planet lost hundreds of thousands, perhaps even millions of years ago. And the word is Proserpina said to them, not heard somewhere, because the parents themselves are probably the first heard from him on this planet. "She cut through the beam, and it broke into pieces — told Boriska. — Physically planet ceased to exist, but its inhabitants teleported into the fifth dimension, which you call the parallel world. We watched the destruction of the planet from Mars … "- he explained. And then he said, incredible … he said that the Earth as a living sentient being has to take on the education of children of Proserpine, therefore, they say, are sometimes born by those who are mindful of their home planet and see themselves as aliens! ..

But you may have noticed this phenomenon in the world of science, and I also met with Valentina-Cain, who not only remembers about Proserpine, but in my dreams sometimes visits his countrymen. And suddenly they were both in the same city, together visited Blue Mountain in the anomalous zone …

But that is preserved in the records of Boris mother, Hope, "You — the forerunner. You have cleared the platform for us. In the higher realms you are heroes. To your lot got very heavy. I came to the New Time. It has already stood hologram code and superimposed on the space. All will come to life in a new fire of thought, very fast, very fast … The transition from one world to another across time substance. I brought the New Time. I brought the new information … "

— Boris, tell me, and why people get sick?

— From what is wrong and do not know how to live to be happy … You have to wait for half their space without intruding into people's lives, without breaking or destroying the integrity, without suffering from the mistakes, and connect c betrothed, ending cycles of development, and to go on to new heights — it is these words he spoke. — You need to be cordial. If you are hit, you go up and hug. If you are hurt, do not expect an apology, while they themselves stand on their knees and ask for forgiveness for yourself offenders. If they insult and humiliate, tell them thank you for it and smile. If they hate, love them for who they are. These relationships of love, humility and forgiveness important for people. Do you know why the Lemurians died? I'm also a little bit to blame. They did not want to continue to grow spiritually, drifted along the way, destroying the integrity of this planet. Path of Magic is a dead end. True Magic — Love is …

— How do you know these words: "integrity", "cycles", "space", "magic", "Lemurian"? ..

— I know … Keylis …

— What's that you say?

— I said, I welcome you! It is the language of my planet …

Indigo children are born … with us more often. Keep an eye attentive to her children, grandchildren and grandchildren: it turns out that this is the case? ..

Gennady Belimov, photo by the author.
(404104, Volzhsky, / I 193).

On the face of impossible 3 (334), 2004

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