Brazil: A powerful storm hit the Sao Paulo

shtorm udaril po San-Paulu (1)

March 11, 2013. Powerful storm, which began in the Brazilian city Dignity-Paulo has 9 March, was the cause of widespread flooding, landslides and traffic chaos. As soon as the rains intensified, the situation became critical in the city and in the surrounding area. The flow of water down the street Vergueyru linking Avenida Paulista and the south of the city, claimed the 14-year-old girl. She was later declared dead.

Storm claimed the life of another resident of Sao Paulo. It appeared the 32-year-old man who tried to save the girl, but he could not resist the force of the stream and was killed. Meanwhile, the water in the streets Dignity-Paulo has not abated. Throughout the flotsam of trees that have fallen on stationary vehicles. Number of damaged traffic lights has reached 194, making steady traffic on the roads of the city impossible. The total length of road congestion was 261 km, it is the 4th in severity congestion in the history of the metropolis. For transport indefinitely closed several tunnels. Warning of the danger announced in the 38 metropolitan areas Dignity-Paulo.

The second largest airport Dignity-Paulo has canceled a huge number of international and domestic flights. Storm with wind speeds of over 50 km / h deprived of electricity about 16 communes, hundreds of businesses and offices spent several hours without light, that the metropolis has become a disaster. The local weather bureau said that the danger of the return of the storm is very high, as the temperature continues to rise, which, together with high humidity creates the perfect conditions for the re-strike element.

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