Britain is no longer full-fledged military partner of the U.S. — Robert Gates

Britain is no longer full-fledged military partner of the U.S. - Robert Gates
Reduction of the military budget and armed forces of England mean that the country will not be a full partner of the U.S. military, said the former Pentagon chief Robert Gates (Robert Gates), reports January 16.

Prime Minister David Cameron (David Cameron) said that Gates is «wrong» and that Britain remains «a first-class player on the world stage.» Gates said that the absence in the royal Navy aircraft carriers sharply downgraded their military value. «We always hoped that on the other side of the Atlantic, British troops there, which could make combat operations in full scale. But with enough significant reduction in defense spending England loses the status of the partner, as she was in the past. I am saddened, but it is a reality, «said Gates.

Military spending in London for 4 decreased by 8 percent. In the period 2010-2020, the armed forces will be reduced from 178 thousand to 147 thousand people with a simultaneous increase in the amount of reserves.

Cameron said that «he did not agree with the point of view of Gates. I think he is mistaken. We have the fourth largest military budget in the world, we will upgrade its own military capabilities. We upscale country in defense capabilities, and while I was Prime Minister, it will be so. «

British Defense Ministry spokesman said the country has the most perfectly trained and equipped by the armed forces outside the United States.

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