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14.07.11.Evpatoriya comes after the disaster yesterday. At the resort town collapsed storm — with heavy wind, thunder, rain and hail.

Houses — de-energized, and some areas of the city experienced a real flood. Suffered the most International Children's Center "Golden Key" — his room flooded water that is not pumped out so far. Says — Maxim Koshelev.

That's — the sound of the pump, and with buckets in their hands — spent the entire staff present children's theater "Golden Key". Its facilities are located on the ground floor — and vcherashy downpour flooded the room in a few minutes — said Julia Korochintseva.

Julia Korochintseva, an employee of the theater "Golden Key":

— We here bailing buckets, but since the water has already reached this border, there was no point, she began to pour into the tub like. Whether the car passed, and a wave knocked the glass, and the flow of water is simply poured into the theater. It was up to the waist, on the same street I was walking. And then of course — so here me.

Even in the audience lapped waves — theater employees say. Rainwater and mud flooded street clothes, warehouse and costume shops.

Nina Permyakova, general manager of the theater, "The Golden Key":

— Well, you see — that's all spread out now. And now we will wash, dry, these costumes. And that is in poor condition — have to throw it away.

"Golden Key" floods the first time — he had "drowned" two years ago. So the experience of dealing with floods in the team is.

Maxim Koshelev, correspondent:

— The staff of "The Golden Key" were trying to stop the flow of water through here is just such sandbags. But they were powerless elements — water burst through the door in the foyer of the theater.

City officials admit that the theater should be completely reconstructed. A meter to raise the level of floors and doors, carry waterproofing. But to protect the premises from flooding will only storm sewer.

Sergei ZAGREBELSKY, head of the Civil Defense Eupatorium:

— The reason — it stretches back to the Soviet era. Roughly speaking, if it was necessary in view of abundant rainfall to build about 100 kilometers of stormwater, it was built somewhere around five kilometers.

Now Evpatoria looks like yesterday's storm and was not — a heap of broken branches and fallen trees utilities removed by morning. Supply of electricity fully restored.

Maxim Koshelev, Vitaly Zyatkovsky — "More" TC "Inter", Crimea.

Source: Detail-TV

Photo report from the site FOKUS.UA

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