Canada: Toronto has experienced an unusual storm

January 22, 2013. Thundery storm, accompanied by rainfall and wind gusting to 90 km / h, with twisted roots of trees and dozens of traffic light poles on the Gulf Coast in Uellers Toronto. The storm raged so much that from the Gulf to the land issued a set of fragments of ice. Ice, moving towards the land, almost completely destroyed the local dock.

Almost a day in most parts of southern Ontario in Canada, there were storm warning. The wreckage of trees blocked the road and dock Rosedale Valley, connecting Bayview Avenue and Park Street in Toronto. Throughout the city swept the series of disruptions in the supply of electricity, leaving no light around 10,000 consumers. The greatest discomfort felt eastern Toronto. Active moment resource supply is restored.

Lightning that occurred during time storm has caused a number of fires in homes. Fortunately, no people have suffered, as though the hosts and slept in time night storm, but managed to right moment wake up and call the fire department. Environs Toronto were flooded in some places the rain of wet snow and hail. In Bremtone were found hailstones the size of a golf ball. Although later in the morning the storm was the main supply is exhausted, in the vicinity Toronto persisted for a long time the wind speed of about 55 km / h gusting to 70 km / h


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