Cash canceled?


16.05.12.Vse be as described by science fiction. There was a time when for the work we will get the numbers. Project to move to non-cash payments has prepared the Finance Ministry.

Amendments to the Labour Code prohibit the payment of wages in cash. With the adoption of the project money should be transferred only to a bank account. In a second project, all shops are required to provide customers with the opportunity to pay off cards.

The question is not, will be the project agreement or will not do. There is no doubt that all will be as it said Ministry of Finance. The question is, why it is needed and how it threatens the ordinary citizen.

Why is it necessary

The idea of reducing the amount of Cash offered in July of last year, the head of Sberbank German Gref.  According to Gref, a high proportion of cash in circulation restricts economic growth, modernization and prevents its formation in Russia of an international financial center.

Doctor of Economics, Director of the Institute of Globalization Delyagin notes that the reduction of cash is very profitable for the banks.

Maybe in the transformation is nothing wrong? Lack of cash to end gray wages and reduce the number of currency manipulation. After all the money from the card to steal unlike harder than the purse. Besides, we're not the first to arrive at such decisions. In April of this year, Sweden has announced that it is going to completely abandon the cash. According to the Swedes, pulp fully run its course.

But can we afford to go on the same way?

Citizens Against

— No, — said the financier. — Our country is fundamentally not ready for this. If credit cards are in Europe, 80 percent of the population, in Russia such a minority. We are too poor to afford to bring a credit card. For most citizens, whose wages or pensions only 3-4 thousand plastic destroyer.

Indeed. Cash withdrawals, interest and other ATM fees (up to three per cent for withdrawing Cash in "non-native" ATM) services for plastic has dramatically reduced the already meager prosperity of our citizens.

— How am I going to save for a funeral? — Puzzled pensioner Margaret Gerasyutenko. — Who will remove the money from my card when I die?

— I do not know how I'll live without cash — says a former high school teacher Ida Peysahova. — I do not go up and walk to the store my caseworker. With the transition to cards I have to trust him with the password card. Thus, I become completely defenseless. I will not know where my money is, how many of them left, if not robbed me.

According to the president of the Union of Entrepreneurs and tenants, economist Andrew Bunich, the introduction of credit cards is a burden for citizens and because few merchandised where taking a card.

— Even put ATMs in all stores. But the markets and stalls remain, merchandised where most of the poor. What do I do it?

According to the economist, with the introduction of the system in small towns will inevitably have problems. Get your pennies on the card, people will rush to the ATM to withdraw money. Units will have a queue. The money is not to be missed. Value of paper money will increase. Encounter protests and discontent. Special freedom for imagination leaves the situation in the villages. How to pay the farmer with employees? Is natural raw materials?

The history of life

Irina Vladimirova, CEO of a medical company says it never goes to the card system. Employees of its companies have been getting money cash.

— If you introduce a new system — Irina — we are in the company will find a way to give real, not virtual money. We have good communication with the bank. 'll Just come with the cards, get money from them and give to employees.

This decision Irina came after the crisis in the first burned by credit card.

— I kept the money on credit cards. But when the crisis came, we were actually out of money. I came into the store, took the food, holding out the card, and I was told that the store has no connection with the bank. They do not deny me not. But to buy something that was quite impossible.

During the second world crisis, when employees received Irene Cash and did not know grief of their colleagues on plastic from other companies had problems.

— ATMs always no money, — tells the employee a large foreign company Svetlana Mammoth — we were constantly on the phone to find out where in the city has an ATM and rushed there, like crazy.

To date, the bankers are unanimous in the opinion that the transfer to the plastic in our country can not be a short-term affair. You must first secure payments, technically equip everyone and everything, and, most importantly, do not force people to move to a totally paperless payment. Requires subtle moves, like what Peter came up to to get people to love potatoes.

And you would not go to the gentlemen in the ass with their cards

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