Chelyabinsk hand out free maps of the electron transport


30.08.12.Kazhdomu Chelyabinsk — on transport map. In the center was an anti-crisis action. At stops everyone issue electronic travel for free. The campaign will last for two hours and caused quite a stir among the townspeople.

Action has not yet begun, and at the bus stop near the Children's World was already a crowd of people. All want to get free transport card. Gennady Traktorozavodsky lives in the area, but today came specially to become the owner of a cherished a plastic card. "There is a reason: if it will travel to 8 rubles, it is beneficial," — said Gennady Abayev.

The same excitement and at the bus stop "Aloe field." For your free transport cards a queue. Two hours promoters distributed over a thousand cards. "The young man was handing out cards, I went, consulted and considered that it would be very convenient to me" — says Lydia Varlakova, a resident of Chelyabinsk.

Such action Transport Authority for the first time. It should be noted that the map is a sum for one trip. Next to go on public transport discount card holders will have their fill. "This action is for those who still doubt the benefits of transport map — says Valentina Bogomazova, spokesman for the Office of Transport Administration of Chelyabinsk. — As an anti-crisis measure, so that more people have tried. Someone does not like it — and they refuse, someone on the contrary, enjoy — and they will join. "

Those who today do not have time to get a transport card can not be upset. Department of Transport promised to carry out the same action as early as next week.

Christina Sysolyatina Vladislav Tear

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Source: STRC "South Ural"

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