China found the mummy of a Buddhist Lama, who died 500 years ago




Tibetan lama named Sangha Tenzin at the time of the discovery of America by Columbus sacrificed his life for the salvation of the Indian mountain village in the Himalayas. His mummified body was found in a tomb in the village of Gouin near the Chinese border.

Professor Victor Meyer, a researcher at the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania examined the mummy. He said that her age — at least 500 years, "Monk died at about the same time that Columbus discovered America", wrote on vtornikHindustantimes.

Villagers Gwen knew about the mummy since 1975, when an earthquake has exposed a part of burial. But the village is located near the Chinese border. This is a restricted area controlled by the Indo-Tibetan Border Police. So long no one but the villagers did not know about mummy.

News.Battery.Ru — Accumulator News, 05/03/2004 10:50

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