China is developing its own bomber

China is developing a tactical bomber J-17 («Jian-17»), similar in configuration to the shock to the Russian Su-34.
As told in the Central Institute aerohydrodynamical Zhukovsky (TsAGI), the true model has been completed purge bombers J-17 (Su-34 analog) in a wind tunnel (WT).

In China already has experience of creation fighter J-11B and J-16, which are modifications of Russian Su-27 and Su-30.

According to the views of aviation professionals, the Chinese version of the Su-34 is considered as a partial substitution and addition to the languid bomber type «Harbin» H-6 (Tu-16).

Video acquired from reconnaissance satellites show that the number of bombers H-6 on Chinese airfields in the near future markedly decreased. This fact may indicate the decommissioning and disposal of the following aircraft H-6 earliest years of release, also on limited ability to modernize its fleet of aircraft.

Chinese model airplane Tu-16 first flew in the air in 1953

Experts note that the creation of new languid bomber is a very complex task. China’s aviation industry for the problem complicated by the absence of massive turbojet engines (THD) of its development. It is possible that the development of tactical bombers J-17 is carried out in China since 1998, when international air show in Zhuhai video was shown depicting

aircraft model, very reminiscent of Russian Su-34. Chinese version of the aircraft, estimated professionals can carry a combat payload weighing up to eight tons. So Makar, the higher-duty J-17 bombers languid nekordinalno inferior H-6 (9000 kg) and, theoretically, can carry cruise missiles, long range.

Our homeland is also showing intrigued for sale in China export

variant of the Su-34. Views on Chinese sources, Adopt the PLA Air Force aircraft can markedly improve Su-34/J-17 potential impact Air Force military aircraft and bring the PLA to «a leading global level.»

Earlier it was reported that China is also working on creating a «heavy version» fighter-bomber J-19 aircraft based on the J-11B (Su-27).

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