Claus, who came to Mexico, claimed the lives of 29 people

January 20, 2013. At least 29 man were killed in the north Mexico as a result of cold weather in the region, which marked the end of last year. These data are released on the eve of the representatives of the civil defense of the country, reporting on the effects of a series of intermediate data "cold fronts", affecting large area of the country.

The largest number of tragic cases of coldness, registered in the territory of the northern state of Chihuahua, where as a result of hypothermia or carbon monoxide poisoning while heating homes killed 18 man. 6 deaths were registered in the state of Sonora, reports of deaths were also received from the states of Sinaloa, Michoacan and Coahuila.

As the representatives of the authorities, most of the dead were victims of carbon monoxide poisoning. They broke the rules of safety when heating their homes. Hospitalized in the northern areas Mexico also received more than 200 man with burns and smoke inhalation.

Mexican authorities are taking measures to help the inhabitants of the regions of the country, who have been under the influence of "cold fronts". There, in particular, is a free distribution of blankets. In some areas, set up temporary dormitories for those who can not self-insure against colds occurring.

Ministry of Health Mexico issued a statement in response to emerging threat of outbreaks of respiratory disease in those states where there is a significant cooling. According to weather forecasts, the invasion of the "cold fronts" will continue in much of Mexico and in the coming weeks.

Source: Rosbalt

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