Climate anomalies


19.08.11.V early August in the most arid Atacama Desert on the Pacific coast of South America, the snow fell. Covered with snow half its territory. The thickness of the cover — 80 cm rains flooded the rest, although there is usually one year falls no more than 3 mm.

After the August rains in the desert bloomed flowers. In sand dunes appeared deep puddles. Hydro say it happens once for half a century.

The Austrian city of Salzburg in late July, the snow fell. Roads turned into a skating rink. Local wore coats and hats.

— This was observed in late July 2007. Then it was the record of the last seven years. 16 centimeters of snow fell — said Paul Austrian Rainer.

— Snow can bring deep cyclones which suck the cold Arctic air. Ukraine has never been any snow in summer. This phenomenon we have abnormally — says Lyudmila Savchenko meteorologist from the capital.

Snow in Ukraine before everything fell out October 13, 2009 the first in Lviv. Later all — in Simferopol on May 13 this year. Spent a few hours. The city at that time blossomed leaves, trees bloomed.



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