Clubs, classes

It would seem that the educational system designed to trifles and proven experience of several generations — first children's garden, then school, then the institute … But something in it still is not enough. Maybe it was unplanned and spontaneous and lively interest? And then come to the aid of a variety of Mugs and sections.

Think about them, parents are beginning to have not so much to the school, but even before kindergarten! Indeed, today the center of the development can be found even for infant, not to mention the little fellow two-three years! And as for the advanced pre-school children has been lots of activities (music, dance, visual arts, sports, etc.).

How to support passion your offspring? It is important to not only observe passion child, but also to support it, ie provide some means for the realization of a creative plan. How not to make the wrong choice mug or section?

Children grow up — and opportunities for further education are increasing. If there are still time and energy after school, they have a lot of opportunities to uncover talents. And besides, "Fine Arts", there are a variety of scientific Mugs and sections that can seriously affect, for example, the choice of a future profession.

But on the other hand, do not forget that children's interests — is only hobbies (that is what it implies that he was pleased). Do not place the task of making a child genius and winner of international competitions. Sometimes behave as parents, themselves, for whatever reason were not able to realize himself as a child. Your excessive zeal can turn passion in the "torment".

The surest way — rely on common sense and parental intuition. And the children's hobby not be happy only for the child, but also for you.

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