Concept fighter 6th generation will show in the U.S.

Concept fighter 6th generation will show in the U.S.
The American company Boeing plans to present at the exhibition Sea-Air-Space Exposition in 2013, which will be held in Washington from April 8 to 10, refreshed version of the sixth-generation fighter project F / A-XX. It is reported by Flightglobal.
Refreshed concept F / A-XX, as well as his earlier version, made on a «tailless» and projected a 2-versions: manned and unmanned. Resettled plane with 2 vozduhopoglotitelyami supersonic cruise (like the F-35 Lightning II).

Unlike the earliest prototypes of F / A-XX also resettled front canards, which, as is commonly believed, makes the aircraft more radiozametnym. At the same time, implies Flighglobal, new layout F / A-XX is quite inconspicuous and maneuverable to complete tasks in enclosed areas or areas where prohibited or restricted maneuvers (A2/AD, anti-access/area denied operational environment).

As previously reported, Boeing is preparing its own concept F / A-XX for substitution by 2030 th year of fighter-attack aircraft fourth generation F/A-18E/F Super Hornet aircraft and electronic warfare E/A-18G Growler, standing armed U.S. Navy.

U.S. Air Force, in turn, think of the project of the sixth generation fighter FX, which could change the costly F-22 Raptor fifth generation.

Currently in the United States last tests multirole fighters on a single platform the F-35 Lightning II. Aircraft created in 3 versions F-35A (Air Force), F-35B (for Marines with short takeoff and vertical landing) and F-35C (for the Navy, with the help of a catapult launch).

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