CONGO PURCHASE spetsavtomobili

Sergei Astafev. Congo purchase several lots of special vehicles «Tiger» production Arzamas Machine Building Plant (AMZ, Nizhny Novgorod region, comes in the Military Industrial Company, MIC) for its own Ministry of Interior, said the MIC.
«They signed the first contract and the first game,» Tigers » already preparing to send to the African continent. In line to sign a new contract with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of the Congo. This is the second African country, where they will carry their service Russian «Tigers» — said in a statement.
MIC is not representative referred to RIA Novosti planned shipments. «We have confidentiality agreements,» — he explained.
According to him, the first batch of cars «Tiger» MIA for Congo will be made in the standard configuration, and the second — will be performed according to your wishes in detail.

MIC representative said that the first batch of «Tigers» means to put the customer before the end of 2012.
He recalled that it produced Arzamas Machine-Building Plant «Tigers» for another African country — Guinea.
Armored Vehicles SPM-2 GAZ-233036 «Tiger» serially produced at Arzamas Engineering Plant, part of the LLC «Military-Industrial Company». «Tiger» a fifth class of protection, is able to reach the highest speed up to 140 km per hour, is designed to carry up to 9 people or 1.2 tons of cargo. The crew can keep the fire from personal guns from 2-hatches on the roof and through the opening loopholes in armored door windows and on the sides.

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