Consumerism is a serious threat to the security of the planet

Consumerism is a serious threat to the security of the planet's interesting

Constantly growing demand for natural resources, imposed increasing population of the planet, hidden threat to the environment and the man himself. If it goes further, by 2030 people will not be enough and a second Earth to survive, according to representatives of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

Crowds of tourists on the beach, Busan, South Korea.
According to the report, "The Living Planet", prepared on the eve of the Conference on Sustainable Development Rio +20, with the 1970 biodiversity in the world fell by 30% (60% is in the tropics), and from 2000 to 2010 on the planet destroyed about 13 million hectares of forest each year. Allocated to agricultural use more natural land, water and energy consumed in enormous quantities.
Increased and the carbon footprint of the global industry. Found that of all the countries in the world's largest ecological footprint in the Arab state of Qatar. Not far away Kuwait and the UAE. Supplement them in this dramatic list of Denmark and the United States, if the count ratio of consumption of resources and their natural ability to recover. In developed countries rates tend to be five times higher than in developing countries. Since 1966, the ecological footprint has doubled.

Carbon footprint of different types of food

Dump in Mexico City.
WWF has more intensely to introduce modern environmentally friendly production system, to protect the land and resources. It is important to stop measuring the success of in terms of GDP and to try to make every effort to reduce the carbon footprint. Only developed 16 specific sequential steps related to all aspects of human life.

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