Contamination of the manganese Bezenchuk


8.02.12.V Bezenchuk river near to. Vasiljevka Bezenchukskaya area exceeded the maximum permissible concentration of manganese in 151 times. This was reported on the website of the Volga UGMS.

Management specialists have figured out that in early February during a routine survey of small rivers in the region. On behalf of the Regional Forestry Ministry officials from the district administration to check up, whether harmful substances leaked into the river at one of the nearby businesses. To do this, they tested organization located at 1 km upstream and downstream. It turned out that it was not. Therefore, in the Volga UGMS concluded that the contamination is natural in nature.

"According to the Volga branch of the Institute of Geology and development of fossil fuels, in our area is tectonically active areas where manganese minerals, easily soluble in water, lie close to the surface," — says the Deputy Minister of Forestry Samara region Tatyana Safronova.

"Because of the tectonic shifts they get into surface water. Such areas also applies Bezenchukskaya — she continues. — So periodically fixed by experts attribute these phenomena to the natural. "

"During the winter low water has been a general increase in salinity of rivers, since the power of the rivers is due to groundwater. The manganese content in the water is constantly changing, it is a natural feature of the region ", — concluded the official.

Author: Olga Mokshina

Source:  Volga News

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