Courses for pregnant women

Schools for pregnant women.

During the first nine months of the expectant mother has to learn a lot of things related to pregnancy, childbirth and child care. Ways to educate many, and one of the most popular — is the school (or courses) for pregnant women.

There are two types of schools for pregnant women: public and private. Public schools — are courses at the antenatal clinic or hospital. The range of services to them is quite limited: you will explain how to eat, talk about the way of life intime pregnancy, informed of the birth process (perhaps, will show the film), briefly tell about caring for your baby and answer questions.

In private schools, classes are usually more. Expectant mothers and fathers (if they decide to attend courses) present during pregnancy, learn to breathe correctly duringtime birth, show movies about the birth process, conduct special gymnastics during breaks offering such nice things as herbal tea or fruit. If desired, a woman may choose a school that is preparing for non-traditional birth: vertical, home, water, etc.

Almost all private schools offer moms-water training. Swimming pool — one of the few pleasures that doctors recommend that pregnant unconditionally. Indeed, the water relaxes, gently massages the body, helping your child in the correct position, and the muscles in the meantime get the necessary load.

Besides the pool, women have to offercourse yoga for pregnant women. Lessons with an instructor using special tools allow you to completely relax and take the correct position without fear of undue stress. In addition to physical fitness, yoga allows you to remove the mental stress and ensures a positive attitude.

Of course, the question of whether to attend school or to limit reading the literature, would be decided by the woman — depending on her state of health, mood, financial opportunities. Childbirth — a natural process with which the body can cope without your conscious participation. Want to help? Please. The main thing is not to interfere.

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