Created a time machine with disabilities



Iranian Ali Razegi claims that he was able to create a "time machine", which is able to predict the future for eight years. At its creation, the accuracy of forecasts, which he estimates at 98%, 27-year-old inventor has spent ten years. He has already filed a patent at the Center for Strategic Research, however, produce a prototype is not going to.

The device is small in size — that's all that is known about him. The inventor has refused to name the cost of the project, noting, however, that the Americans "are trying to create a similar, wasting millions of dollars, but to no avail." Razegi also added that his "time machine" can bring many benefits to humanity because it can help to prevent military conflicts and check currency exchange fluctuations, writes Al Arabiya.

He also complained that the relatives criticized him for his invention and accused of trying to "play God." "This project is not contrary to our religious values," — said Razegi in his own defense.

Total Ali Razegi has nearly 180 patents for various inventions, marks the Daily Mail; the first one is still at the age of 17 years. As for the "time machine" that, according to the scientist, the question of the creation of the prototype does not go — Razegi afraid that in this case it can steal Chinese invention that later, let us make "millions of copies."


Arkady Azaev

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