Crustal movement in different parts of the world


February 25, 2013. Let's start with the U.S., where a landslide struck road in Arizona. The depth to which the roadway dipped almost 1.5 meters. It is also reported that the shift of the earth's crust is not related to the weather conditions. Road was closed in both directions and so far there is no indication of when it will be restored. It is reported that as a result of disaster, there were several clashes cars, but no serious consequences of data has been received.



In the UK, there was a landslide, that is, people who live here, is described as one from worst their memory. As a result of disrupted rail traffic in the town of Scunthorpe. Sim Harris, editor of the national newspaper for British Rail Road, confirmed that the effects of the devastation the worst in decades. As a result, thousands of passengers will now have to use the services of buses to travel between Scunthorpe and Doncaster. The rehabilitation of the railway line can not begin until the stop movement of the earth's crust, but when it is, no one has no idea. Recall that landslides are not uncommon, especially a lot of them because of the rains in the past year. However, most of them fell on the territory where there is a railway road, or whether it had minimal damage, which quickly restored, but not this time. The recovery time of the road is still unknown.



Now go to Spain (Cendea de Galar), where massive landslides destroyed fields and roads near the area. Two electrical poles severely damaged, causing a risk of falling. Landslide occurred in the south-eastern slope of the Mount of Forgiveness, homes are not affected. Dimensions sushi slipped in width reaches 700 and 800 meters in width. As a result of destroyed and damaged several roads, about 7 fields and went underground cattle, which was located in the pastures. Most of the roads are blocked.



In Kashmir, their homes due to a crack in the ground left more than 200 families. According to the locals crack becomes every day more and more, from-for what is expressed fears that the houses could collapse at any time, leading to loss of life. Those who could, fled their homes, the remaining had to spend the night, fearing at any moment be buried under the ground. Officials from the Department of Soil Conservation, took samples and sent them for testing.



A giant cliff was formed on Friday and among the rice fields of China. The depth of the cliff is 10 meters, and the sound of his collapse was heard at a distance of 100 meters. These casualties were reported, but the villagers now have to deal with a huge hole in the middle of their land. The relevant authorities have taken control of the area.

Source: Rage Of Nature

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