Cryotherapy in the treatment of warts

Cryotherapy in the treatment of warts.  Photo from

In dermatology treatment Cold applied for a long time, but as a secondary method, and only the development of cryosurgery led to a breakthrough in this area.

As a scalpel, which "Cleans" the affected skin, use a jet of nitrogen coming from the cryosurgical device or spray. Cells falling under this jet strongly cooled, thus freezing the intracellular fluid, which is a solution of salts, which under normal circumstances can not freeze. The result is the same as that during the freezing sealed water bottle — the ice expands and breaks the bottle. Just torn and chilled cell.

The skin surface is cleaned of lesions — warts, plaques, scaly areas, even malignancies.

The method of cryotherapy bloodless, virtually painless, does not injure the neighboring cells. The healing is much faster than with surgery, as exposure to cold "starts" the recovery of healthy skin cells.

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