Dead Sea "dies"

Dead Sea "dies" It's interesting

Scientists are very concerned about the level of water in the low-mounted sea world, widely known for its medicinal properties. What the Dead, shallow sea, has become obvious and inexorable trend. Researchers from Tel Aviv University and the Hebrew University found that over the past 200,000 years at sea always had periods of rise and fall of water, but current figures are of particular concern for the earth's attraction.

Salt deposits off the coast of the Dead Sea

Geologists took samples of salt at a depth of 460 m below the seabed. Age of the deposits is more than 200 thousand years. Approximately 120,000 years ago, during the next interglacial sea was close to that to completely dry. Once such a critical moment came later, 13,000 years ago, when the rainfall in the region was virtually zero. After studying these patterns, you can identify patterns shift stages of rise and fall of water in the Dead Sea, and use this information for forecasting and policy makers who rescue Israeli miracle.

At the moment, the Dead Sea is 426 meters below sea level, and dries to fall lower and lower. However, before drying the sea helped natural natural climatic factors. Now the situation is actively affected by anthropogenic factors. For the Middle East is primarily a thoughtless use of water resources for irrigation Jordan, causing river can not, as before, to feed the Dead Sea.

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