Deaths of birds in a factory in the Amur region


11.04.12.Segodnya the Ministry of Agriculture of the Amur region discussed the situation at the plant "Amur broiler." Was the case in the factory chickens.
During a press conference on the issue of the company came as a surprise that the representative Rosselkhoznadzor denied that issued the day before.

Head of Rosselkhoznadzor Transbaikal Territory and Amur Region Mikhail Nosachenko stated that the facts that his subordinates distributed media, not true. Before it was announced that the cause of death of thousands of birds at the poultry farm is in the so-called feeding stress.

In December last year the birds were given moldy food. Employee management said that an excess of mycotoxins in feed confirmed the results of the examination. In this case, the expert pointed out that the company is all right, contaminated products on the shelves was not hit.

Meanwhile, the head of the said evidence they are not there. "The comments were wrong, because they are not supported by any data, facts and expert opinions, — says Mikhail Nosachenko. — The fact that the food for the Amur broilers was infected with toxins, nothing is confirmed. Therefore Rosselkhoznadzor, in turn, takes it back. We apologize. "

At the press conference reiterated that neither infection nor the more the company is no quarantine. General Director of "Amur broiler" explained the decline in production of so-called reconstruction of the parent zone. The birds are not used to the new automatic jacks, because of this decrease in the number of eggs, and they decided podnakopit end of April, after which lay in the incubator. In May and June of supply disruptions broilers become especially noticeable. By mid-June the situation in the factory should stabilize. Minister of Agriculture called the company one of the key, which provides nearly half of the meat in the region. Therefore, the negative news of his work can have serious economic and political consequences.

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