Deck Alligators will appear in 2014

Deck "Alligators" will appear in 2014First party decked combat helicopters Ka-52K, established on the basis Ka-52 "Alligator" Army Air Corps, and will be built to test 2014 year. On this, as reported by RIA Announcements, said chief designer "Kamov" Sergei Mikheyev. The new helicopters will be based on vertoletonosnyh deck amphibious ships, docks class "Mistral", acquired by Russia from France in June 2011. Go with the Ka-52K will be built and a certain number of military transport helicopters Ka-29.

Previously, it was clear that Ka-52K will receive a number of innovations, compared with the base model helicopter. Namely, the car will be equipped with a folding mechanism of the blades and consoles also reinforced chassis, which will allow the helicopter to land on the deck during a strong pitching. It is also possible that Ka-52K will be installed brand new avionics and radar systems, and updated nomenclature of arms with the introduction of the specificity of marine machinery.

Under an agreement with France for the Russian Federation will be built two class ship "Mistral", the first of which could enter service in the Navy 2014, and the second — in 2015. In addition, two more helicopter carriers will be built under license in Russia, but the agreement on this has not yet been signed. Price treaty with France amounted to 1.2 billion euros, of which 980 million euros will go specifically to the construction of the "Mistral". The remaining funds will izderzhat for training crews, adapt documentation and the purchase of licenses for certain technologies

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