Deck the Indian version of the multi-purpose fighter aircraft Tejas Navy — LCA (N)

27.04.12 is the first time rising into the sky deck version of the aircraft Tejas «LCA (N)». The flight took place on 3 years later than scheduled airline Indian Hindustan Aeronautics Limited «HAL». Experienced plane «Naval Prototype-1" in flight about 22 minutes, the flight took place with landing gear for safety first flight.

Deck the Indian version of the multi-purpose fighter aircraft Tejas Navy - LCA (N)

During the flight plane has made several high-speed maneuvers, and flew a formation at low speed with another aircraft. By the way, the plane LCA (N) NP-1 in contrast to their own land base version already has a 2-bed cabin. In 2010, the airline «HAL» made rolling out two-seater training and combat deck version of the fighter «Tejas». Roll-out of single variant «LCA (N)» was planned in 2011. The program of development of aircraft Tejas, by the decision of the Government of India, extended until the end of 2018. Taking into account that the plane began to develop in 1983, in 2018 it will be 35 years old. In general, multi-purpose «Tejas» 4th generation will substitute an old Russian MiG-21.

Deck the Indian version of the multi-purpose fighter aircraft Tejas Navy - LCA (N)

Since 2010, identified prepyadstviya main landing gear, control systems and oversized heated brake pads delayed for a year the first airplane flight deck «LCA (N)». There is information that the discharged since 2007, the base ground option Aircraft HAL Tejas «LCA» hitherto has prepyadstviya with landing gear. Unresolved problems of fuel supply system, software and other systems are forcing India to bring in 2011 to their solution consultants Navy of the United States, which also had to assist in matters of take-off and landing, and use of hook-type brake. In consultation took the role of specialists in the production of carrier-based aircraft and test pilots of the United States Navy. Consulting services were presented commanded the South American fleet, and not by the Ministry of Defense. Apart from the American professionals in the development of carrier-based variant of Tejas participated subsequent spices:
— Agency for the development of aviation technology;
— Company Hindustan Aeronautics Limited;
— Indian Navy;
— organization development and research work of the defense of temper;
— center of military aircraft certification purposes;
— genderiktorata to control the properties of air systems;
— laboratory research and industrial development;
— Indian Air Force;
— institutions of higher education;
— a number of municipal and private companies and firms.

The military department has allocated for the creation of another 2-deck aircraft experienced about 380 million dollars. One of their aircraft will perform in a single case, this option «NP-2", he will get the huge size cockpit, reinforced fuselage structure, improved chassis in comparison to the baseline option «LCA» manufactured for the Air Force India. In the month prior to the first flight «LCA (N)», the Council on procurement of defense value, seeing the work of a group of professionals, gave the green light to the creation of small series (eight units) version of the aircraft carrier-based «LCA (N)» — «Tejas Navy», four unit which will be performed in a 2-bed version. This series should go to the Indian Navy in 2016. In the future, India is going to put into operation the Navy has 40 units of LCA (N) and one 2-local execution. They will be located on an aircraft carrier "Vikramaditya Admiral Gorshkov" (commissioning — 2013 year) 44.5 thousand tons deadweight and displacement of the aircraft carrier 37.5 thousand tons «INS Vikrant» (entry into service until 2015). Serial 8-deck aircraft NIL «LCA (N)» get the engines General Electric F404-GE-IN20. Future planes «Tejas Mark 2" already receive more massive engines from General Electric «F414». These massive engines should provide full combat effectiveness of carrier-based aircraft. The engines provide a thrust increase to 85 KN (F404) to 100 KN.

Deck the Indian version of the multi-purpose fighter aircraft Tejas Navy - LCA (N)

The main visible difference deck options — one-wheeled performance of the front landing gear as opposed to the 2-wheel front rack at ground option. Deck plane will have TRAMPLIN orientation. The generality of the «LCA» and «LCA (N)» than 95 percent. Configuration touched management system, motor design and implementation of systems for the marine, chassis for take-off and landing deck and cockpit to ensure the best view of the pilot:
— increase the airframe;
— fuselage with radar radome is brought down — make a better overview of the pilot;
— to impose special rotary wing vortex generating surface;
— ennoble the fuel system — provide an opportunity for a frisky drain fuel;
— take off — ramp, landing — brake hook;
— in the wake of in special containers is braking parachute type;
— apart from standard equipment, you install the-horizon anti-ship missiles.

The main features:
— length of 13.2 meters;
— height of 4.4 meters;
— speed of Mach 1.8;
— 16 km altitude ceiling;
— range of actions to 2 thousand kilometers.

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