Declassified record of flying pieces


Was declassified record talks crew of "Apollo 10", which in 1969 made a final test flight to the Moon in preparation for the first expedition to Earth's satellite. Some English-language media greatly amused to learn of the records of negotiations in the command module spacecraft that at some point in mid-air in front of the noses of the astronauts suddenly floated feces.


However, the commander Thomas Stafford and John Young pilots and Eugene Cernan also met the "aliens" out of the closet with a laugh, and Stafford seems to have started to catch their ordinary pillowcase. Here's how it looked (translated portions of a recording, from page 416):

Thomas: Oh … Who did this?
John: Who did what?
Eugene: What?
T (laughing): Who did it?
SW: Where did that come from?
T: Come on, give me a pillow case. By Air ** t but floats.
D: I did not do it. These are not mine.
S: And is not mine, I think.
T: Mine was more viscous. Throw it away.
A: God Almighty.

T: What do you see?
A: Nothing, I've had quite enough.
S: Yeah.
A: The beauty of what it is.
S: This s ** t is no longer fit.
T: What a complete waste compartment?
A: No, hell, there's nothing there.
SW: It all goes straight to the …

Astronauts discover that apparently broke the pump, and discuss the technical details, accompanying all the coarse jokes. After some time they again overlook drifting feces.

Eugene (cutting off the previous sentence): And here's another piece of s ** t, damn. What's wrong with you guys? Come on, give me some …
J: Hey, baby, if it was me, I would know exactly what you've done on the floor.
Thomas: It's just like that flies all over the place?
S: Yes.
T (laughing): Mine was thicker than that.
John: My too.
S: When I put my finger in, it was too soft. God knows what.
S: I do not know whose it is. I can neither admit nor deny that this is mine.
D: What's going on here, then?
S: I do not know.
A: Something is wrong here.

As reported by NBC News Cosmic Log, referring to one of the reports NASA, the astronauts of "Apollo" was a primitive system for disposal of solid waste. It all came down to the fact that we had to defecate in bags, which are then sealed, immersed in disinfectant, and then all of it went into the tank for recycling. The whole process required special skills.

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