Declassified secret Pentagon report on the end of the world




In the order of the British newspaper The Observer got the text of a secret Pentagon 'report on the dangers of global warming. As intended for the President of the United States report that the administration of the Pentagon for four months did not give the stroke, said that developing climate processes over the next 20 years will lead to major flooding, serious armed conflicts and humanitarian disasters worldwide.
The authors of the report, CIA consultant, who previously worked for an oil company Royal Dutch / Shell Group, Peter Schwartz (Peter Schwartz) and Californian specialist business strategies Doug Randall (Doug Randall), warned that as a result of environmental disasters that will occur in the near future, supplies of energy, food and water will be reduced so that the governments of many countries may resort to using weapons of mass destruction to protect them.

Earlier, the administration of U.S. President has repeatedly made statements alleging that global warming is not as serious as they say representatives of the "green." Last week, the White House has been criticized by some scholars, who accused the administration is that it deliberately does not take into account scientific research proving the correctness of environmentalists.

According to the report, global warming is not a purely scientific problem, and in fact represents a serious threat to U.S. national security. In an interview with The Observer, Doug Randall said the situation is complicated by the fact that the development process is almost impossible to control.

The report also said that a complicating factor is the overcrowding. Lack of resources, which in 2020 will only increase, will lead to the fact that all over the world will begin the war, the purpose of which is control over resources. Developing situation, the report compared to what was happening on Earth about 8,200 years ago when the planet was subjected to crop failure, famine, disease and mass migration.

The authors emphasize the fact that the process may already be irreversible. "We do not know how far gone the development of global warming. Perhaps irreversible processes will begin tomorrow, but we will not know about it for another five years — said Randall.

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