Defense Airborne: combat training in the field criteria

Units and air defense of the Airborne Troops began combat training. The paratroopers were delivered by rail to the station, located at a distance of seven hundred to two hundred thousand miles of deployment sites. Then the warriors did on a regular technology marches to Fri for field exits: the landfills "Eysk" and "Red Plows."

Winter programm field exercises full of lessons on teamwork activities commando units, for driving air defenses. In addition, participants will practice the teachings of the shooting and rocket launches. In the field, the criteria Marines will experience a basic set of management subsystem unified air defense command and control systems at the tactical level tool, which bears the title of "Barnaul-T".

In late February, in the process battle school in the middle of the commanders of anti-aircraft batteries contest will be held on field training. In March start tactical exercises with firing and missile firing.

Said set of "Barnaul-T" is meant to equip Fri air defense control tactical military units below the level of connectivity and automation tools, intelligence, communications and data exchange. The purpose of the introduction — to ensure effective control of the forces and air defenses, to coordinate their actions, increased mobility and survivability in combat criteria.

The introduction of "Barnaul-T" greatly expands the ability of airborne defense against various means of air attack.

Subsystem modules "Barnaul-T" located on the chassis, desantiruemye on parachutes — both BTR-3D, and in particular experienced swatches chassis developed for the Defense Airborne.

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