Defense Ministry will spend half a billion rubles on simulators Ka-52K

Defense Ministry will spend half a billion rubles on simulators Ka-52K
«Rosoboronpostavka» booking office of the Ministry of Defense, located on a Web site procurement order for the supply of 2-sets simulators CHP Ka-52K promising decked Ka-52K, reports For the purchase of training equipment had spent less than the military wants 592.5 million rubles. The competition results will be summed up November 18, 2013.
Under the terms of the application, one set to be delivered to the military unit 62250 Fokino town in Primorsky Krai. Then it will be installed in the village in the guerrilla zones Mykolaivka Primorye. Second trainer should receive military unit 49371 in Krasnodar, which then installs it in Yeisk Krasnodar region. Delivery systems should be completed before November 25, 2014.
According to the requirements of military simulators must be equipped with simulators akseleratsionnyh impacts ASO-52K based on a dynamic board, impartial system control RM-SOC simulation and complex tactical situation inventories depot. The highest price of the 1st training complex set at 305.3 million rubles. All trainers will be used in the interests of the Russian Navy carrier-based aircraft.
First, in October 2013, it became clear that the Russian Ministry of Defense in 2014, wants to buy at the seaside plant «Progress» 32 new helicopter deck likely Ka-52K. According to Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov, these helicopters in 2014 must pass the final step of the test, then they will be placed on an order from the military.
Build prototype Ka-52K done from mid-2012. At the end of last year it was reported that these tests will be conducted on the helicopter deck of the aircraft carrier «Admiral Kuznetsov». In the long term Ka-52K will be included in the air group landing ship docks vertoletonosnyh type «Mistral», built for the Russian Navy in France. Every such ship will receive eight Ka-52K.

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