Defense of the Russian Federation acquired fangs — a set of automation Barnaul-T

In recent time, all military conflicts were about the same pattern. At first, the enemy carried out reconnaissance to identify the main objectives for the strike. Dealt a blow to the air, first destroyed the system and air defense systems. After oppression defense destroyed the main objects of the enemy.

The main objects of the first strike were anti-aircraft systems and funds control radars, which actually did not change the location of its own from the moment of deployment.

After analyzing the current military conflict, the Russian military experts at have learned what is required of modern automation control systems of air defense:
— highest mobility;
— ease of use;
management multi-type air defense systems;
— maximum speed of the computing resources;
— efficiency of the entire complex;
— the ability to perform various tasks.
Based on these requirements has been developed and adopted by the company produced at the Smolensk "meter" set of automation "Barnaul-T".
Since 2008, the experimental operation of CSA "Barnaul-T", it was used in various activities of daily activities and combat training in the infantry brigade.

KSA participated in exercises with carrying out live-fire anti-aircraft missile systems implementation experience KSA "Barnaul-T" in military exercises and combat duty constantly analyzed and collected in a database, which was carried out on the basis of improvements and fixes KSA.

At this hour KSA "Barnaul-T" passed all the tests experienced and went into mass creation, planned deliveries are made to the Armed Forces. To the extent that this day management of air defense systems, KSA "Barnaul-T" is available as a set of universal control units. Blocks simply fit into the control system of anti-missile defense complexes Russian Federation.
Since 2009, the unit began delivery of CSA in the armed forces, but the 25 sets of controls will go into service in November 2011.

On the main task — the staging of combat calculations, contingency management modules, the solution of theoretical and tactical problems, the number of treated air objects — KSA "Barnaul-T" is not inferior to Western counterparts.
The composition of the CSA "Barnaul-T" infantry brigade:

module Planning 9S931-1 on wheeled chassis (to equip command Fri brigade commander);
module Planning 9S931;
module management and intelligence 9S932-1 (for command Fri anti-aircraft batteries near the act);
— mobile fire control modules MANPADS-9S933 platoon of anti-aircraft gunners;
— mobile units for the offices of anti-aircraft gunners MANPADS-9S935.

Mobile module gunners packed in a vest and a member of the battery pack, the signal processing unit, the unit of transfer data controller, receiver, satellite navigation and radio stations. Through block satellite navigation antiaircrafter determines its position, which automatically transmitted to the command center controls.

Modules set of automation "Barnaul-T" is simply mate with modules installed on Fri control defense, or completely replace them in constant use. Thanks so versatile properties replacement of obsolete control modules on the new modules KSA "Barnaul-T" is the plan of activities of members of staff.

KSA "Barnaul-T" can be applied not only in the Army, having the ability to overcome water obstacles can be used in the Marine Corps air defense complexes, completed tests KSA for airborne troops with the possibility of landing by parachute units KSA.
The modules themselves KSA can be located on all vehicles and chassis, programs KSA allow you to control not only the means of defense.

KSA "Barnaul-T" is open and rapidly evolving system. Because of the universal conjugation with legacy modules have the highest potential for the upcoming modernization. Constantly work on expanding the range of weapons, ready to work with the CSA "Barnaul-T".

As a developer of enterprise "Ruby" and producer of "meter" is the ability to build a huge set of performance characteristics of automation. And at a constant funding of the project in the coming 10 years all air defense forces will be provided with modern means of automation for efficient reflection of air attacks.

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