Detachments of warships of the Pacific and Black Sea fleets are sent to distant campaigns

Detachments of warships of the Pacific and Black Sea fleets go on long hikes

In the framework of solving the problems battle training, naval presence in the operational areas of principle, civilian safety of navigation in the Horn of Africa and the coast of Somalia, the main command of the Navy (Navy), RF distant campaigns organized groups warships Pacific (PAC) and the Black Sea (BSF) fleets in the far zone of the ocean.

Squad warships of the Pacific Fleet, which included a large anti- ship "Marshal Shaposhnikov", the average sea tanker "Irkut" and salvage tug "Alatau" on November 2 this year left the main base of the city of Vladivostok and is heading to the Arabian Sea.

On the route of the planned role of the squadron in the joint with the Navy (Navy), the teachings of the Republic of India, calling at the port of Mumbai. Ships also pay visits to ports in Thailand, South Korea, Djibouti and Seychelles.

Once finalized to sail squad warships Black Sea Fleet in the Guards missile cruiser "Moskva", frigate "Sharp-witted", huge amphibious ships "Saratov" and "Novocherkassk", also support vessels.

Exit from the main town of Sevastopol naval base will be held in two steps, and quite squad will be formed in a designated area of the Mediterranean Sea. On the way to the Suez Canal from the warships will be a series of events battle training in the Mediterranean.

In late November, squad warships of the Black Sea Fleet will take the Suez Canal and in the first days of December will start to solving the coast of Somalia. In addition to performing combat missions planned business approaches in a number of Black Sea ports of foreign countries in order to replenish supplies and crew rest.

According to the plan the distant ocean hiking groups warships Russian Black Sea Fleet and the Pacific Fleet Sailors have to solve puzzles to combat piracy and ensure the safety of civilian shipping in the Horn of Africa and Gulf of Aden.

Anti-piracy operations squadron will be organized with the assistance of the cramped command of NATO naval forces that controls the international operation to combat piracy in the Gulf of Aden.

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