Dialogue with reasonable tree


Another of the school program, I learned that we, the people, the pinnacle of creation of nature. Nature as expressed Michuryn, only our workshop. But once the attitude to it I changed. And so it happened. In the heart of the six acres of wetlands, allocated to us for gardening, was a young pine.

While she never stopped anyone, it will not be disturbed. But somehow during the deepening of the drainage ditch I chopped off her one root. Pine seriously suffered this injury, the upper part of the trunk to bend. But soon, in place of the root, a new stub, however, turned from ditches and pine trunk gradually leveled off. More it is not in the gutter "went."

I remember I was thinking, "Did I realized that there can not?" Since I first began to suspect that the tree may have a reason.

The plot is gradually filling up the beds, greenhouses, buildings. Pine did not interfere, but because no one has touched them. And if I had to, and it somehow disturbed, I warned her in advance. One day I found her roots around the beds, but was surprised to see that none of them is ranked in the flower bed. Like a tree deliberately spared by her side.

For twenty years, the area has grown house. Pine, which was just below his window, grew up and turned into a real beauty. I put it under a lounge chair. In winter, its branches hung bird feeders in the summer digging apparatus of tubes of different lengths — it played "music of the wind."
Once, when I was sitting in a chair with his back against a pine tree, he felt as if a tree pitifully asks me to remove the "music of the wind." As I understand it, the sounds of her annoying.

I was surprised, but the tube removed. Since then, our dialogue has become a regular. And it came not only on my initiative. Of course it has, I do not understand the meaning of the messages that we send to me a tree. For example, once, when the blossom and pine on the tips of the branches of all the green cones appeared, I decided that they have a lot of vitamins and a good idea to take advantage of it.

However, once again sitting in a chair with his eyes closed, I suddenly saw a clear image of bumps, and then instead appeared parted lips. I thought that offers me pine cones dine with her. "You have to chew?" — Mentally I asked.

In response to me there was an image of tightly compressed lips. Only later I realized that this was a ban. But then I finally picked some cones for infusions.

One day we had an argument with his wife about what kind of animal has left traces in the garden. Suddenly I pine "called" and drew in my mind's eye face with tongue hanging to one side, and then portrayed the tracks are the same, because of which my wife and I were arguing. Of course, the face looked more like some kind of Chupacabra. yet I knew that the legacy is a dog.

In general, we chatted with pine on various topics. They said, if I may say so, of pests and rodents, the weather … One day I asked her how she sees. Pine portrayed the face without eyes, and then sketched out a large grid, similar to the capillary system. I thought, "But it must be even brain that processes information?" My question flashed bright trunk with branches, just like our spinal cord. I noted that it "sees" even their roots and can show them.

When two years ago in our forests hurricane laid a lot of pine trees, I thought that perhaps our fear of hurricanes, too. But the question what she feared was a completely different answer: I saw a piece of a log wall. I think it is clear that she meant to say.

Over the years of dealing with this little tree I completely changed attitude to nature. I realized that plants as well as humans, experience, joy, fear … And the worst enemies for them — those who are likely to cause them serious harm. It is we, the people.

"Secrets of the twentieth century" in April 2013

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