Disclaimer of Kalashnikovs — silly speculation, said Defense

Disclaimer of Kalashnikovs - silly speculation, the Minister of DefenceIn the near future the media extensively discusses the termination of the AK-74 procurement for the armed forces of Russian Federation. There are even speculate about the likely withdrawal of the famous Kalashnikov assault rifle with military weapons. But in an interview, manufactured to "Rossiyskaya Gazeta", Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov referred to these discussions "stupidity" and explained that the failure of large contracts for the purchase of the Kalashnikov assault rifle does not mean that it will not be coming to use.

He also pointed out the fact that at this point required a fundamentally new design solutions for small arms. Buy new machines will begin only after analyzing and comparing new samples are facing armed with Kalashnikovs. According to one of the models being developed, in which the media dubbed the "machine for one-handed," the General Staff has already began to suspect that it will retain within itself all the shortcomings of a Kalashnikov.

First information that the Department of Defense stops buying Kalashnikov rifles, appeared at the end of September. They have been proven Chief of General Staff Nikolai Makarov, who talked to him that the decision was taken due to the fact that accumulated in the warehouses of an unlimited number of AK-74. He mentioned that available at this moment in the presence of guns can be equipped with several armies, because the party is not taking on new meaning. At first need to deal with those that already have.

As reported by RIA "Novosti", the plans armament Army machines of the latest generation. But now it is not clear which model will replace the AK-74. At the "Izhmash", even before the competition announced by the Ministry of Defense to develop substitute AK initiated the development of a new standard, with the working title of the AK-12.

Disclaimer of Kalashnikovs - silly speculation, the Minister of DefenceOne of the main advantages of the AK-12, according to the designers, will be able to create all the necessary actions to shoot with one hand. But in the military emerged safely at the shooting accuracy of the new standard. As one senior member of the General Staff of those drawings that showed they do not contain any fundamentally differences from the models of an old standard. Will be used the same vapor tube remains piston configurations — all this says that in the contemporary model output remains constant and automatic will "drive" on the sides after the first shots fired.

Now AK-12 never demonstrated. There is only a message machine head designer Vladimir Zlobin, in which he mentions the preservation firm, recognizable form — remains the same curved horn, degassing and piston. But in general, the model gets a new format and more ammunition, he will grow up to 60 rounds. He said and what the reliability and dependability of new model remains at the level of the previous ones. And without looking at the fact that gas operated mechanism is generally automatic will run much smoother.

Representatives of the Russian defense industry report a huge number of new products developed in the middle of weapons that not only do not yield zabugornom peers, but from time to time and surpass them. "Independent Military Review" were posted information about some of them. More exciting is named automatic ADS caliber 12.7mm, allowing you to create fire on land and under water. Announced details of a brand new machine and DB-12 caliber 12.7 mm with a subsonic bullet. But enacting these new products slows the fact that in now All warehouses crammed with machine guns Kalashnikov.

Producers have mentioned that at the moment the Ministry of Defence buys new items in single units. General Designer SUE "PCU" Victor Zelenko in an interview for "Moskovsky Komsomolets" told that the new DT has been tested and adopted for another four years back, but buy it in small quantities, two pieces a year.

The designer said that at this point new gun buys only the Interior Ministry and Federal Security Service, as it is exported to Algeria, Syria, United Arab Emirates, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Canada and other countries. Quality tools all happy, and go re-orders, but in Russia it is simply no means shared Zelenko.

He also referred to the discussions that procurement of new weapons littered prevent an old "Kalashnikovs" warehouses "unholy nonsense." According to him, if we follow this logic, then in service to this day must stand Mosin rifle, because it, too, remained sufficient.

In the "Moskovsky Komsomolets" words appeared representative of Izhmash, in which states that, at this point, Russian arms makers have to follow the highest standards, imposed by the Ministry of Defence. But no guarantees that new weapons will be in the coming purchased for the army, they do not get.

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