DiversionGeopolitical and economic difficulties existed and will exist at all times. This is the bacteria that dwell in bolshennom body and activating its activity only under certain conditions. While some bacteria can exist quietly expense of others. The current global economic situation is completely resembles the struggle of most germs within a single organism, because in fact refute the fact of globalization, the very little naive. To suppress the activity of some microbes bolshennomu body needs to run an other who are able to force the time forget about the need for a radical cure.

On the basis of such an analogy, it is possible to analyze what happens to the global economy and geopolitics today. In the world there are some countries that want to get the status of brain centers capable of managing global processes. One of these countries is the United States. The reality of the last few years they say that a systemic disease, old age is more like an organism, made her way into every cell of the municipal building and started trying to bring it to the end. Brain in response to it will try by all means to resist danger, to be exact — threats. Both the United States to try on the role of global brain, are also trying to build some barriers for the penetration depth of the disease organism. Only hitch here lies in the fact that Washington is intensively cultivated the idea of globalization, now is not in a position to realize that in today's criteria for bail only itself already does not work. Dr. Dowell's such a head with active brain, but without the rest of the — strange decision for future development. The United States is trying to solve the difficulties of ways, as they say, appeared to historical materialism: a sore thumb — cut off the finger itchy feet — tear off a leg …

Surprisingly also the fact that Washington does not seem to realize that neither the new finger or foot is not brand new grow by themselves, but instead of them in the best case would have to use very average substitutes — dentures, which, of course, do not have the same functionality, which possess "real" bodies.

In this case, the United States and other global players such as yourself trying to look for a trend of new diseases to visualize the additional activities. All the same, know that if the brain does not converge accountant quarterly report on the horizon loom huge problem with the tax inspectorate, the best way — to go to the hospital immediately. In geopolitical terms — the same option. Unemployment grows inside the country, reduced tax collection, debt hole deeper, a bit there, nor to the ground water — which means it's time to take large Newsletter to start bolshennomu healing. And the most fascinating that healing begins not with the place which in fact hurts, and selected area "body", located somewhere away from the epicenter of the real pain. An increasing number of dissatisfied inside the United States, means it's time to "find" a nuclear weapon in Iran or declare the violation of human rights in Syria. Economy losing its position means it's time to blame China for all mortal sins, from cyber attacks to artificial warming of demand for their products in the world. It is a traditional example of a small victorious war or even its anticipation can be even more effective multilateral consultations on how to get the economy out of a deep crisis.

If we continue to talk about the United States, the specific military activity in different periods of time put aside for a while or leveled in general colossal danger of recession in the economy. Even second global war, that left in ruins the whole of Europe, the U.S. has become nothing more than another as a powerful impetus for the conclusion of its monetary system of the so-called Lofty depression. Many South American economists themselves admit that the situation is now saving for the U.S. economy would be a war, and the war is real — with a huge number of the forces and means. One of those who express such an idea is a winner of the Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman. Raising the problem of revitalizing the U.S., and the means and the global economy for growth, job growth and stimulate consumer demand Krugman advises … think for yourself the enemy. As we litsezreem, now in the United States, this intense and involved. It turns out that U.S. militarism at all times — it may have actually militarism, and an attempt to straighten out the matter in its own economy. Basically, not only Military south american based on purely economic assumptions.

Paul Krugman is a well-known little bit of drama in terms of ability to address the economic and geopolitical problems of global external calls to find the enemy, well, for example … intruders. It looks funny, but it is necessary to announce the approach of the Yankees gallakticheskogo extraterrestrial ship a danger to public land as factories began to work harder would increase investment in productive branch for 10 percent of grown-ki be the number of jobs. The recipe is very valid for U.S. politicians who are in search of a huge enemy in the world has obviously come to a standstill. Typical creative Armageddon to stimulate the economy.

In fact, the words of Krugman can sneer all you want, but in the world and currently have enough projects on the other as the war with windmills or intruders difficult to call. Take, for project which designed to withstand global warming. Certainly, bad causes of human impact on the Earth's climate are taking place, but at least some student will pronounce that the effect of the sun on the atmosphere in the thousands of times more serious than that of the entire population of the earth, taken together. From this, we are not going to solve the action to a small decrease of activity of our star. Or become? .. After all, with all this wonderful "mastered" 10's billions of dollars allocated to the fight against harmful emissions, patching the ozone hole, the oxygen saturation of the soil and so-forth.

And if so, then in a short time following the logic of Paul Krugman, the world may seem brand new hitch, which will act dominant, distracting people from the land of real cases. And, this problem may be related to anything from the unfortunate elimination of nuclear facilities around the world to confrontation invasion of extraterrestrial beings on Earth, which the United States can fully allow himself to whet the forces of mass media and the Internet … Here is healing!

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