Do Samara threatens earthquake?


Samara province could become the epicenter of the natural and man-made disasters

20.03.11.V while Japan continues to shake terrible the disaster, scientists, seismologists warn that Russia's central regions are also in danger. This also applies to the Samara region — passes through tectonic fault, changes in which can cause fatal consequences. Can we once tryahanut or pour? And with what natural disasters in general can face our province? "Reporter" has studied the most disappointing forecasts.

Dangerous proximity
March 19 Samara Region, and with it, all the people of the world have experienced the so-called lunar perigee, when the natural satellite of the earth up to her as close — 356.6 thousand km (average distance between the centers of the Earth and the Moon — 384,467 km) that happens once every few decades. Moreover, this "dangerous proximity" coincided with the full moon. A similar phenomenon was observed in astrophysics, 1955, 1974, 1992 and 2005, each time in the world recorded disasters. For example, in 2005, Indonesia has seen a tsunami that killed more than 200,000 people.
Current "superlunie" was stronger than usual.
According to researcher Astronomical Institute. Sternberg State University Vladimir Surdin, Moon regularly affects the Earth, causing tidal deformation in the ocean and the solid planet: twice a day, the planet's surface is raised and lowered by about half a meter. "This effect is enhanced by 30% during the new and full moon," — says Surdin.
However, as reported by portal referring to the deputy director of the Institute of Physics of the Earth Yevgeny Rogozhin now Earth is undergoing a period of seismic activity.
"Look at how many major earthquakes with magnitude greater than nine points of recent years — said Rogozhin. — Chile in 2010, Sumatra in 2004 and 2005! Prior to that, so strong earthquakes were recorded in the middle of the last century.

Michael Malykhin

The epicenter of the devastation
Samara region, meanwhile, was seriously at risk of becoming one of the epicenters of devastating earthquakes. And the reason for disaster, according to scientists, geophysicists, Samara, can not serve as the lunar activity and human activity, which is barbaric methods of mineral extraction and turns of the river back.
The already fragile balance of the Earth's surface may be violated in Zhigulevskaya hydro, where the tectonic fault. It was formed millions of years ago on the giant crack in the south-east of the Russian Plain. Geologists believe that the south of this fault contact with Zhigulevskaya dislocation — knee-fold of the earth's crust, the formation of which about 18 million years ago, in the middle of the Neogene period, and there were Zhiguli Mountains.
Meanwhile, the volume of water that is formed here after the construction of the dam and now with multiple force presses on the earth's crust, it is enough to have happen so-called "shock of the sedimentary cover." In addition, in the Samara Bend is a career which now are blasting. It also extracts oil. And this process also creates additional stress in the ground.
Specialists FSUE "Volga branch of the Institute of Geology and Development of Fossil Fuels" claim: Given the totality of the negative factors today can not fully guarantee the safety of the dam. And if it collapses, the consequences will be very sad for us all.
— In case of destruction Zhigulevskaya HPP will be partially flooded Samara, Syzran October and 200 more settlements — says the candidate of geological-mineralogical sciences, director of the FSUE "VOIG and RGI" Andrei Alexandrov. — In the flood-prone areas are more than 400,000 people and located more than 80 economic projects, including the chemical industry. Moreover, there is no guarantee that such developments withstand huge water pressure below the dam on the Volga, Saratov and Volgograd hydro.
Of the danger of collapse Zhigulevskaya hydropower in the early 90's said Professor Samara Technical University, Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences Camille Ashirov. As stated by the late Professor now, enough 5-6-magnitude earthquake and the dam could collapse. Then go along the river Volga, sweeping away everything in its path, the wave height of a five-story building. Reaching up to Samara, tsunamis will carry half Bezymyanka and almost all of the old part of town.
But it will not be the most terrible consequence tremendous flood. Downstream of the Volga is Balakovo built on shaky ground. And in case the hydro Zhigulevskaya destroyed all of the reactors will immediately BNPP. A break out of the reactor radioactive water will poison the water down to the Caspian Sea!

Stay tuned
However, colleagues of Professor Ashirov not so inclined to dramatize the situation. Although they acknowledge the possibility of an earthquake in the Samara region.
— Most destructive earthquakes have occurred in recent years because of a single layer of the earth's crust crept to the other, — the "Reporter" assistant professor of geology and geophysics SSTU Michael Malykhin. — As a result of the friction we feel the tremors. And these processes are observed, mostly on the Pacific coast, whose bottom is gradually disappearing under the continental shelf. Example — last year's earthquake in Chile, and now — Japan. As for our Eurasian continental platform, its thickness is about 60 km. Here seismic situation is much calmer. But we can certainly be aftershocks, including provoked by the current lunar activity. Because Tatar continental rift, which are Zhiguli Mountains, has very ancient inception. It is quite possible that as a result of oceanic motions voltage across the continent could increase. Also can walk to Samara and echoes the earthquakes in the Caucasus and Asia. However, the amplitude and the strength of these fluctuations will be negligible.

Shakes regularly

In the Samara region only in the last hundred years is not enough time recorded significant oscillations of the crust.
Thus, 5-magnitude earthquake mentioned in Samara and Syzran in 1895. Quake force of about 5-6 took place October 20, 1914 near the village of Qamishli. November 10, 1940 in Kuibyshev recorded aftershocks of magnitude 2-3 points. Tremors force 3-4 were noted in our city July 28, 1976.
Known earthquake March 4, 1977 of all Russian cities most notably felt in Moscow, where his power reached 4 points. But the underground wave that day, and we have achieved — in Kuibyshev their amplitude does not exceed 1-2 score.
And finally, the earthquake in Neftegorsk August 9, 1986 was included in the modern history of the province as the strongest in recent years. As reported in the "Volga Commune", the villagers felt the first rolling, then rained down from the ceiling whitewash on the walls there were small cracks. "Tremors were felt by all residents Neftegorsk and its surroundings up to 25 kilometers. During aftershocks including audio and visual alarm in storage and other areas placed under guard. On Vetlyanskom reservoir having a wave … oil wells located within 30 kilometers from the village, on the day of the earthquake became more active and increase the impact of oil. All of these signs Neftegorsky earthquakes in the Soviet Union adopted a 12-point scale corresponds to the intensity of five points ("very strong"). "

Authors: Sergey Golyshko, Alex Dimitrenko, Valery EROFEEV
Photo by Maxim Abramov

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