Drones: War outside the laws

Drones: War outside the laws
First 2014 U.S. public with the latest national security strategy, which will mark the next step, the goal of fighting «al-Qaeda». Development of the document comes amid growing criticism of the methods of struggle. Weight of legal and other issues is the introduction of UAVs in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen.

Application drones Yankees lead to anarchy and a new military conflict in the world. So consider the special rapporteurs of the UN Human Rights Ben Emmerson and Christoph Hynes.

In their study, they write that the militants stormed the U.S. in other countries, justifying it by the fact that the war against «al-Qaeda» has no boundaries. But if, following such logic, and others went out and brought a reason to attack targets on the ground neighbors, the situation will develop in a domino effect. U.S. striking targets, for example, in Pakistan, use gaps in international law, where a silent drones, said a member of the British Cabinet Ed Davey. According to him, such acts are «unsafe precedent of violating the sovereignty.»

The report of the International Crisis Group (May 2013) called drones ineffective in combating terror, as they do not solve the main problems. Rocket explosion thwart militants attempt to cross the border to attack NATO troops in Afghanistan. But their ability to rearm, regroup and recruit new members will not suffer convinced creators. It is not quite so mind expert «Independent Military Review» Vladimir Shcherbakov.

«U.S. drones use their drums for the destruction of terrorists favorites. It is an indisputable law of doing at least some of the war: the first is necessary to destroy the commander, without at least some division loses its combat capability. Yes, his place will be different. But at a certain time in the cell of militants will be hit, especially if the commander associated with financial transactions. «

In Pakistan since 2004 with drone strikes destroyed 20 top favorites «Al-Qaeda», more than 2,200 militants and 400 to 900 peaceful inhabitants. Taking into account that most of the bases are extremists in the area of ​​the Pashtun tribes along the Pakistan-Afghan border, the ability of the Pakistani army are weak in accordance with the semi-autonomous status of the zone.

nachit kill militant leader can only drone missile. Another issue that displeased the local population and human rights in the world. It seems particularly in order to appease human rights defenders, U.S. President Barack Obama is proposing to transfer the main functions of the military management drones that are currently assigned to the CIA, knows Vladimir Shcherbakov:

«The question of the enforceability of the destruction of people of another country on its territory using unmanned aircraft controlled by operators of the ocean rises constantly. When it is done by the military, is one thing. When intelligence agency — is quite another. It may be that these actions when switching to achieve a military unwilling transparency. I think it maloosuschestvimo as acts of special operations secret Pentagon too, none of them know not. A variant of the transfer of control drone at the last moment to strike from the CIA military — generally some utopia. «

Samples agencies join forces to manage drones so far not met with success, including those due to non-comparable equipment and communication channels. But the main reason is different. According to «The Washington Post», its role in the «war drones» CIA is not ready to concede. And the war will last until the norms of international law on this subject are available.

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