Drought in China’s Hubei province


Beijing, June 20 / Xinhua / — Since December 2011 there has been a continuous decline in rainfall in the north-west and north-east prov.Hubey / Central China /. In some areas, rainfall has decreased by 50 percent compared with conventional period.

As of June 20 from a severe drought affected 26 counties / cities and regions / with a population of 3,286,000 people, 1,167,000 of them need help from government agencies. Drought affected as 247.2 thousand hectares of fields, 11.3 thousand of which crop completely destroyed.

It is learned that Hubeysky Committee to neutralize damage caused by natural disasters and the provincial civil administration launched the emergency response capacity to disasters in the third level in order to eliminate the effects of drought. The State Committee for neutralizing damage from natural disasters and the Ministry of Civil Affairs of China at the same time launched a rapid response mechanism to natural disasters, and the fourth level of the working group sent to the disaster area to clarify the situation and provide assistance.

To date, for the drought-affected areas has been allocated a total of 9.72 million yuan / 1 am. U.S. $ = 6.3 yuan / intended to address the shortage of drinking water and food.

Source: Russian.News.Cn

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