Drought threatens sowing wheat in Australia

January 24, 2013. As it became known to the company "ProAgro" strong drought, raging on the territory of the Australian continent, recently time becomes threatening, and can have serious repercussions on sowing wheat.

Australia — the second in the world in terms of wheat exporter. A significant decline in its gross collection will have a significant pressure on world food markets — particularly given the least problematic status of wheat from other exporters — the United States, Argentina, the EU, the Black Sea countries.

Recall is according to the January USDA report suggested that wheat production Australia reduced from 30 million tons last season to 22 million tonnes in the current year. A global supply of wheat, January forecast to fall by 10% compared with the previous, reaching 176.64 million tons As a result, the price of wheat on global markets are growing steadily. If drought will make its "black" thing, next forecast may be even more distressing.

Meanwhile, the temperature in the grain belt of the country broke the record in 1973, and the rainfall was only 40% of normal.

Source: IR "ProAgro"

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