Early onset of fire season in Arizona

Early onset of fire season in Arizona Natural Disasters

Summer fire season in the south-western United States, began surprisingly early. In Arizona, one of the first five to extinguish some fires that have occurred in the north of the state, required the assistance of hundreds of firefighters working from the air. Authorities organized the evacuation of residents of 300 homes from the old mining town of Crown King.

Mountain fires, as in Arizona, is a difficult one in fighting.
In one night, the fires, the smoke from which was visible even in Phoenix, 80 km from Crown King, turned to ashes about 23 km2 of land. In fire contributed to the dry weather and the heat developed in the last few months in Arizona and surrounding states. This led to the official ban on the entrance to the forest land without permission and a fire in the open during the campaign.
Meteorologists believe that the worst is yet to come. Last year, a fire caused irreparable damage to Texas and Arizona. Then in Texas during the 30,000 fires burned more than 2,800 homes and more than 1.5 million hectares of land in Arizona — 202,5 thousand hectares of forest burned cleaned, the fire could not be put out for six weeks. 2012 may result in very similar losses. After all, the state of about two-thirds of Arizona is rated as extremely difficult, and there is little likelihood that it will change in the summer, which will drop enough rain to vegetation has ceased to be a living fuel for the fire.
Many areas of fire are in the mountains (Tonto National Forest, where it all began), which only worsens the firefighters access to disaster areas. There, the fire can easily destroy the environment for several days or even weeks.
Meteorologists believe that after the Arizona and Texas in the danger zone will fall as Florida, southern California, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, Georgia and South Carolina.

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