Earth gave birth to the moon by a nuclear explosion


29.01.2010.Gollandskie scientists have put forward the theory that the moon separated from the young Earth by a powerful nuclear explosion, based on the fact that the isotopic composition of terrestrial and lunar material is almost identical.

Hitherto existing theory that the moon is the result of a collision with another planet Earth is not perfect, the authors of the theory. In their view, in the case of such a collision, only 20% of the substance of the moon will have a terrestrial origin, and all the remaining material should belong to the planet Earth has faced. However, the isotopic composition of terrestrial and lunar material is almost identical.

Earlier, scientist George Darwin argued that the Earth and the Moon formed from a rotating bunch of molten rock, and its rotational speed was so high that the strength of the gravitational interaction is only slightly superior to the centrifugal. Moon was required to separate a small perturbation, and no one, however, and could not figure out what exactly caused the separation of the material, and this hypothesis has lost popularity, according Kompyulenta referring to Technology Review.

The authors of the modern theory believe that this could be a disturbing influence of a nuclear explosion from a natural nuclear reactor. In their view, the effect of centrifugal force would lead to an increase in the concentration of heavy elements (such as uranium and thorium) near the surface of the Earth in the future of its equatorial plane. Conducted their calculations confirm that the concentration could exceed the value needed to start a nuclear chain reaction and explosion.

Source: AkvaEkspert.Ru

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