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09.06.12. — The night before people woke Uchaly tremors that lasted for a short time. Explained the reason for the unusual phenomena Committee Chairman for Civil Protection and Emergency Management Administration MR Uchalinsky area;

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September 6, 2012 at 2:00 am 13 minutes of some residents Uchaly felt quite tangible tremors.
— Swung hard, I almost fell off the stool. Two centimeters!
— Bgggg! You line that Lee took it? ))

— With tables plasma fell, now is not working.
— Cabinet fell, things fell out.

In general, all the talk today about the only unusual phenomenon. I'm a sound sleeper, heard nothing. Wife felt, but she thought that she is dreaming. However, this morning, I found that from the bookshelf fell every small things, statuettes.

I always thought that the earthquake in the Urals are impossible in principle, because of the fact that the mountains are old and all the processes of mountain building is long over, but now I watch your convictions. I do not know what to think.

Versions of what happened today, I heard a lot. Mold, in his own way. There are three main ones:
— After earthquake
— A bad accident or explosion in an underground mine,
— Underground nuclear explosion somewhere under Yamantau in secret underground facilities.

The official version — the shift of tectonic plates. Ostensibly, such as tremors, recorded around the Urals, but the evidence of this on the internet I have found.

The old people say, "Zaman Ahyr keel." And believe me, damn it)


Quake in Uchaly

On the night of Thursday September 6 Uchalinsky area quake occurred. Eyewitnesses recorded time jolt — 02 hours 13 min. local time, it is the most intensely manifested in central Uchaly, neighborhood Uchaly-2 and the village. Buida. In other settlements push not observed. "What is it — natural or man-made phenomenon?" — Interested and concerned uchalintsy, calling at night on the phone a single dispatcher. From early morning calls started coming to the phone committee GOiChs Uchalinskoe administration area. "Felt a push while a slight fluctuation of furniture," "Jingle panes", "There is a dog barking in the area, worried pets", "About 02 minutes chas.10. — 02 chas.13 min.razbudil push and the car alarm went off, "- comments like this happened to ring.

Committee Chairman GOiChS Uchalinskoe district administration Kuzhagildin Iran said the incident at a press conference for the media. The key question is not whether this is due to the development of subsurface resources mining companies, he noted:

— It is a natural phenomenon, not man-made. Uchaly Mining and other companies any blasting at the time was not performed. Probably as a result of disturbances occurred geodynamic swelling or collapse in the depths of the earth's crust, which is reflected on the surface of a small push. Subsequently, it was not repeated, and repetition is unlikely. Bashkiria's fields with low seismicity, and earthquake hazard in the country can not be. The situation remains calm about any destruction or damage of the question, communication is also not affected. In the mining industry as all the running.

When asked about the amount of push, Iran Mavlitovich noted that in the absence of seismological equipment in the country it is impossible to determine, but probably not more than 2 points.

Add that today by the Head of Administration Uchalinskoe district Farid Davletgareeva a commission to verify the status of all life-supporting facilities — heat, electricity, water district and the city, educational institutions and health care and industrial facilities.

Information prepared by the information-analytical department of the administration of the municipal district Uchalinsky area. When using a link is required.

Source: Administration Uchalinskoe district of Bashkortostan

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