Earthquake in California came to Los Angeles

March 12, 2013. On Monday in Southern California has been a more 100 aftershocks with magnitude 4.7 points. This is a normal occurrence in the region, but not for the part, which came epicenter. It is reported by LA Times.

On Monday morning, the tremors reached Los Angeles. The epicenter was in the town of San Jacinto. Usually it falls on a different area of the region.

According to experts, in the next three days may occur more strong earthquake. "If something were to happen, then in the next 72 hours," — says geology professor Pat Abbott.

Tremors could feel the residents of several areas of Los Angeles to San Diego. Seismologists have taken important first earthquake in three different ways: pre- push was interpreted incorrectly by seismographs.

Aftershocks with more low magnitude were felt for a few hours. While the data on casualties and no significant damage.


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