Earthquake in China: More than 1.4 thousand homes destroyed

March 3, 2013. Earthquake in the south-western province China Yunnan destroyed more 1.4 thousand buildings damaged more than six million homes, according to the central TV China.

Earlier, the Xinhua News Agency reported that the element has destroyed about 700 homes.

Earthquake a magnitude of 5.5 was recorded on Sunday afternoon in the county of Yunnan Eryuan, center lies at a depth of nine kilometers, reported local seismologists.

Data on casualties yet, injuring 30 people, one of whom is in serious condition. Total in the earthquake zone are 130 thousand people. At present, the region is a humanitarian relief operation. The provincial authorities sent in Eryuan six thousand tents, blankets, warm clothes.

In recent weeks in the southern regions of China almost daily recorded earthquake, magnitude strongest of which was 4, 9.

Source: RIA Novosti

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