Earthquake in Japan: When Japan will turn into one big Chernobyl?


22.03.11.Tolko last year was five destructive earthquakes, which killed 200,000 people Bole. Forecast to seismologists, the next in line CA, and after five years, scientists have believed that a little can shake and central Russia.

March 11, 2011 in Japan at 14.46 local time on the Pacific Ocean, just 370 kilometers from Tokyo come to the movement of tectonic plates, earthquake starts, never before in the history of Japan. Tremendous power is equal in power ten hydrogen bombs shake the earth, destroys homes, roads and bridges. Half an hour later a 10-meter tsunami wave hits the northeastern coast of Japan, it sweeps away everything in its path: moored boats, cars, buildings and roads. According to preliminary calculations, the victims of the disaster were almost 10 thousand people, but the death toll, according to experts, will increase again because of the earthquake affected the largest nuclear power plant in Japan "Fukushima". According to scientists, it could explode at any moment. Then Japan will turn into one big Chernobyl.

The earthquake brought down the cooling system of the reactor, it overheated and exploded two hours later. Territory within a radius of 20 km from the "Fukushima" immediately received the status of "exclusion zone." Today, nuclear physicists do not hide the level of radiation near the plant exceed the standards in 1000. Anyone who gets in the danger zone, will receive a lethal dose of radiation.

Peter Shabalin, chief researcher at the International Institute of Earthquake Prediction Theory and Mathematical Geophysics, Russian Academy of Sciences:
Of this dose the body, consisting of molecules is converted into ions, in general, all broken, blood ceases to be blood, the tissue is no longer cloth, and it's almost instant death.

Why exploded "Fukushima"? Japan shaken always so in this country constantly building the strongest house earthquake-resistant industrial buildings. Nuclear power plants originally built so strong that can withstand powerful earthquakes in 10 points. Then why the earthquake of 7 points brought down several reactors?

There is a version that the Japanese earthquake scenarios have their secret nuances: in nuclear power tremors were much stronger declared nine points. That these point super attacks and put the country on the brink of disaster.

Alexander Zhigalin, a leading researcher at the Institute of Environmental Geoscience:
Buildings are crumbling, not because the wave came and everything collapsed. This building is shaken, is in resonance, because this resonance all breaks. But if you put protivomayatnik, it starts this resonance in reverse swing, and the building should stand. In Japan, where large sums of money invested in something that responsible facilities were well equipped with this technology, it is, however, fell.

According to the Russian geophysicist Eugene Barkovsky, the real cause of the accident — a point gravitational impulse, simply put, Ultralow earthquake.

Eugene Barkowski, a geophysicist:
Under the body of the station there was a weak local earthquake may have a magnitude of about 2-3 points, but very high intensity, which could reach 11.12 points, judging by the nature of deformation and dynamic impact on some objects. For these gravitational pulses drop tank or turbo-generator, which weighs a thousand tons, the same as to throw a box of matches.

It turns out that the "Fukushima" not stand earthquakes because under it they were much stronger than in other areas of Japan. According to geophysicist Barkovsky, this happens because of the fact that our planet is literally breathing. When the earth breathes, the crust as if contracted at the equator, and when inhaled, it expands. This exhalation occurs through fractures in the Earth's crust. It was he who provokes midget point earthquakes that can do far more damage, earthquake, even 10 points.

The scientists argue that such point quakes even in seismically favorable areas. And the disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant — a clear confirmation.

Eugene Barkowski, a geophysicist:
Several local seismic shocks destroyed Rector. The reactor had exploded, reactors do not explode any. Local seismogravitational punches thrown it after the earthquake in 15 minutes.

Today, the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, according to the scientists, again facing disaster. Sarcophagus, which is covered with exploding a nuclear reactor, in a very poor condition, the walls of cracks, and the ceiling sagged. But the worst thing: After the earthquake in Japan, it became clear — the Earth is at the peak of activity of gravity, which means at any given point super-powerful earthquake again be repeated. This would bring down the dome outdated Chernobyl, then 200 tons of nuclear fuel would break out and poison all living within a radius of 70 kilometers.

The threat of repetition of super earthquakes almost the worst thing that could happen to our planet. Scientists found that the earthquake in Japan was of such force that moved the earth's axis. She moved 15 cm to the east of 139 degrees East, it means only one: the speed of rotation of the Earth, our planet will now rotate around its axis is not 24 hours, and in less time, which means that Earth days reduced. According to preliminary calculations of scientists, yet only half a microsecond. But if such a powerful earthquake will be repeated more often, it will lead to a catastrophe on a planetary scale. Accurate forecasting of natural disasters is very low. Say when and where an earthquake will occur, seismologists can not.

Alexander Zhigalin, a leading researcher at the Institute of Environmental Geoscience:
At present, unfortunately, the precision with which we can quite confidently predict earthquakes, very low — tens of thousands of miles and years.

If the axis of the planet moves further, it will change the magnetic poles, and it can bring death to all living things. During the reverse magnetic field weakens. Every second, the sun throws at Earth 7 tons of radiation, and is a heavy metal that can enter cells and instantly kill DNA. At high speed, they rush to the side of the planet and certainly would burn it to the ground, but in their way is a trap — a magnetic field that repels radiation, causing the flux of cosmic rays bend around the Earth. Recently, scientists have made a sensational discovery: the magnetic field is worse to work, it started to skip part of the solar radiation on the Earth because its movement accelerated.

Leo Green, director of the Institute of Space Research:
Earth's magnetic field is now in the north of Alaska in an area where Canada. It moves with an acceleration in the direction of our new Earth's magnetic poles shift, it is one of the signs, when the magnetic field begins to move in an unstable mode.

If the magnetic field starts to move, then the solar radiation will heat the planet. On earth will be changed climate, huge glaciers in Greenland and Antarctica will melt rapidly. Because of that global sea levels will rise by almost 5 meters. Lithospheric plates can not withstand this pressure of water, they will begin to move and cause tremendous force volcanoes and earthquakes all over the planet. The shock waves from the powerful earthquake will cause a tsunami. The entire coast will fall huge 20 meter waves. If the magnetic field will disappear completely, to our planet to direct the flow of cosmic rays. Global temperature will reach 150 degrees Celsius, will evaporate rivers — killed all life.

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