Earthquake in Tajikistan

Earthquake in Tajikistan Natural Disasters

In the central part of Tajikistan earthquake with magnitude 5.7 points and a depth of 10 km. Despite the fact that the seismic standards can not be considered a strong earthquake, it brought significant damage in the Tajik Garm area a hundred miles north of the ancient Kulob (Khatlon region). Officially confirmed information about a deceased person, to whom fell the wall of the building collapsing.

In addition to damaged houses reported landslides that occurred in the same area. Beneath the mud killed herds of cows and sheep. In the Tajik capital Dushanbe residents feel less strong vibrations just 4.0 points. Because of the mountainous terrain features such as an earthquake in the country are not uncommon. They occur with a frequency of once a month.

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