Earthquake in western Bulgaria

Earthquake in western Bulgaria Natural Disasters

In Bulgaria, 10 km north of the city of Pernik powerful earthquake with magnitude of 5.6 points. The epicenter of the shallow earthquakes (9.1 km) is located 24 km west of the capital, Sofia, and to the east of the route 63 near Meshtitsy.

Southwestern Bulgaria enough seismically unstable and prone to frequent tremors. So soon after a major earthquake followed by a series of new episodes of power in 5.2 and 4.3. The latter had a depth of 9.3 km. Powerful aftershocks made people, close to the center, to wake up and spend a restless night until dawn.
About 30 people turned to local hospitals for help, as injuries and cuts from debris and falling objects. For security evacuated children ward in Pernik. There is a possibility that the work will be suspended NPP Kozloduy.
It is also reported that the residents of neighboring Macedonia, Greece and Serbia, also felt the quake.

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